? bfp help appreciated

Hi sorry to intrude but need some help.
Had an AF on 21st or so i thought. Yesterday and 2 days previous was testing for Ov and also did a sneaky pg test. Anyways they were both positive although pg test less so but def within the time and clearly visible.
Did any of you get an AF and then were pregnant? Anyone test a late BFP?
Thanks. Filo x


  • why don't you do a cbd there is no question then! but to answer a question I know a lady who has just had a baby and had normal periods all thru the pregnancy. I reckon cbd are pretty good coz i tested in the evening and it still said 'Pregnant'. go on poas - you know you want to! xx
  • yes but i hate it when they say not and are very expensive too. May be too early as well. plus everywheres shut now!
    How are you doing now, heard you were bleeding? Hope all is ok. Filo x
  • Still bleeding but lighter now, backache and tummy ache have dissapeared so fingers crossed.... tbh trying not to think about it too much just want to get the next wk and a half out the way - got another scan on feb 14th to see how things are going. Back to work tomorrow after a week off resting - won't be able to concentrate tho! Anyway - good luck and keep us all up to date ( got my fingers crossed for you) xx
  • thanks funkymonkey83, hope all goes well for you too. Hope the bleeding stops too, can be quite worrying (had this lots in previous pg). Just want to know either way. Fingers crossed for both of us.
    Filo x
  • yey filo really hope u will be joining us soon xxx
  • I would do a first response, I found they were brilliant. I did a test 5 days before af and it was a clear bfp, so they must be pretty effective!!
    If that's negative, I'd wait for your af, and if it doesn't come test again! Hope its good news xxx
  • Tested this am and was a clear BFN times 2. Means as i tested + on Ov sticks that i'm now on 2 week wait. Hope to see you on here soon and thanks for the advice.
    Filo x
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