i had my baby !!!

My waters broke on thurs at 6.30pm as we were leaving the pub after a meal. i got home and rang the midwife who told me to come in. an hour after getting to hospital and after a scan and an internal i was told i was contracting but not dilating, infact my cervix hadnt even shortend yet, even though contractions were 4 mins apart, at 9pm i was checked again and told i was 3cm-4cm dilated so i continued for the next 2 hours without pain relief, still with contractions every 4 mins and geting stronger, at around 11pm i went on the gas and air. i managed till about 4am. was so tired and fed up and the pains had become very bad and 2 mins apart, midwife examined me and i was only 6cm-7cm i managed another hour and asked for diamorphine, it didnt take the pain away but i had the urge to push by 5.20am my beautiful daughter kayla was born yesterday morn at 5.55am and weighed 6lb 12oz. she was 2 weeks early. i came home last night and she is doing great.


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