baby doesn't like cheese

apparently lol.

I ahve been suffering with sickness really bad since falling, but I have been quite lucky food wise... till now.

Last week my mate who is a chef made the most amazing Carbonara for us. Made me ill. He felt so guilty. Literally within minutes of eating it, I was over the kink rocking trying not to be sick. Was rough as feck all night after that. Passed it off as one of them things.

Then on friday I made myself a beef lasagne, yeah, same reaction. Over the sink again, bad all night again. Not happy.

Saturday, mother goes and buys the most amazing Quiche, cheese and onion, Erica, not thinking has some. Yeah, made me feel ill almost straight away.

So, I am guessing, that me and cooked cheese don't go together now I am pregnant. I am not amused!!!


  • Mine hates spicy food! Not so good at the moment since i'm trying chilies and curries to encourage him to make an appearance!
    Just to warn you, you should be avoiding carbonara while pregnant as if it's made properly, the eggs won't be properly cooked.
    I'm dying for a good carbonara! Just another thing on the things to avoid list - as if it wasn't long enough already...
  • Carbonara is fine as long as the sauce is eaten hot not cold. I don't like it but I do like soft-boiled eggs, am trying to stop eating them but failing lol!

    I was sick every time I ate Weetabix in the early weeks, I found that weird as weetabix is the plainest food in the world, how can it make anyone sick? :\? I can eat it ok now though. x
  • Even when heated, the eggs in carbonara aren't properly cooked, (they're generally thrown into warm pasta to heat through, but not fully cooked, otherwise they'd be like scrambled eggs) so it's the same risk as soft boiled eggs. I've a couple of recipe books that say it's best to avoid it, unless of course you use pasteurised eggs, it can still pose a bit of a problem.
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