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ive had my sweep :)....but i also have had some sad news too

hi ladies well i went for my sweep this morning 1st thing....the midwife said my cervix is soft ,baby is engaged and im 2cm dilated so hopefully baby will arrive in the next 48 hours or so image so i came home feeling very pleased and positive that it will happen soon mum rang to say my grandad had died at 9.30 am :cry::cry: ,i feel sad but also relieved that he is no longer in pain ,he has had cancer for 11 years and slowly got worse over the last 12 months , he was told in december that he wouldnt see xmas and he lasted out till today ,it was very unfair the last few weeks he was simply breathing not living and i have been hoping there is a small mercy and he would just let go but no he fought it smiling right till the last minute :\) im so proud of him and will miss him so much ,i feel sad that this baby will never meet him and i also worry now that i wont be able to go to his funeral which will probably be end of the week but hey ill have to cross that bridge when i come to it eh ....for today i just dont want the baby to arrive as i dont want to feel like his replacement baby can arrive anytime after midnight (i do hope he/she is listening image) sorry to go on ladies ....keep sending me labour vibes though pweeaassseeee .....hope ure all well xxxxxxxxx


  • ahh hun i'm soooooooooooooo sorry for ur loss. he sounds like a great grandad.
    .......sending u lots of Labour vibes.................................

    16weeks today
  • awww hunni, why didn't u text me? u ok??? i'm so sorry to hear ur bad news!!!! am here if u need me hun!!!! try not to worry too much about the funeral, even if you can't be there in body, u can be there in spirit, am sure he'll be looking down and be very proud of you!!!! ((((HUGS)))) rach xxxxx
  • thanks guys , its hard eh sarah i havnt cried yet but i have a feeling my hormones will have got the better of me by the end of the day :roll: i feel dreadful that i havnt rang my nanna but i dont know what to say im awful with saying sorry in situations like this it doesnt sound quite right eh u say sarah its all the great circle of life eh ...big hugs for reuben xxxxx
  • ahh rach i didnt txt u cos im ok i feel sad but relieved and i have been sittin on my ass reading all these posts much to dans delight :lol: thanks for caring hun xxxxxxxxxx and sarah i just feel thankful that he met jack and i know he is ok now its just the rest of my family to deal with now mum is so upset and i feel guilty cos im not :roll: .....they dont seem to be able to see he was suffering lets see when this baby arrives and that will determine whether i get to go to the funeral or not xxxxxxxx
  • Thinking of you at this very emothional time. There is a saying a life for a life, so maybe your little one will arrive in the next few days and you can also think out your grandad that you have lost.
    Best Wishes.

  • My thoughts are with you. Hope bub arrives for you soon though.

  • So sorry for your loss, your grandad sounds lovely. I know just how you feel as all my grandparents died when I was in my 20's and have never met my daughter or hubby, or the new baby when she is born. I still think about them. I like to think that they are watching over me now. I hope that helps in some way.
    Take care
  • Sorry to hear your sad news. I hope that baby comes when you are ready. Hope that you and your family are all OK.
  • So sorry to hear about your grandad but you have to remember he is at peace and isn't suffering anymore. My dad passed away 3.5 years ago from a malignant brain tumour and he suffered a great deal at the end so much that it was relief to us that he finally passed away. i keep gettin quite sad about it now because this is my first and would have been his first grand child. plus i'm due on the 10th sept and the anniversary of his passing is the 15th Sept! It's really weird how it seems to be that as one passes another comes into the world. when my cousins little girl was born her grandma passed away in the ward directly underneath her about an hour before. The same little girl is now nearly 6 and she said something quite strange last week she said 'do you know that when somebody dies god puts their seeds in a box and that's where baby's come from' my OH thought that was weird for her to come out with but I thought it was quite sweet. Anyway i'm waffling now.

    Keep strong and good luck with the next 48 hours!!

    Sarah xx
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