I need an early scan - advice?

I went to the GP this aft. Things seem okay - she said I was very early with my short cycles (3+3) on a 28 day cycle but my cycle was 2 days so Im hoping that Im actually 4+1 in terms of my bean developing?

So she also phoned my consultant while I was there just to ask about my tablets and as well as that - he then said that I had to phone the EPU nurse specialist in a week or 2 to organise an early scan when Im about 7 weeks! Has anyone ever had one of these (apart from privately)? Im a bit concerned as to why I need one - is it because it's high risk or just a precaution?!



  • Hi popsicle. Congratulations again. I had to have an early scan at 7 weeks. I had a bit of a bleed but an early scan had been organised anyway as i've had cervical cancer and they wanted to have a look at what they might need to do as had most of my cervix removed. They put a stitch in. Anyway, my epu are fab. What area do u live in? Most are self referral and they really reassure you. I've had 3 scans via epu now as well as 12week scan. I'm sure your consultant is airing on the side of caution - and you'll get to see your bean early. A scan that early will be done trans vaginally. Good luck hun. Lisa 15+5 x
  • I would imagine it is precaution to check everything is in place, good luck x
  • I have had 3 early scans in this pregnancy. I imagine yours will be done as a precaution- mine were done because I have a history of ectopic and they needed to check the baby was in the right place.

    I had one at 4+6 which showed the gestational sac (internal scan), one at 6+6 which showed the baby (blob-shaped) with a heartbeat flickering away and one at 9+1 where it looked baby-shaped. The last two they were able to do transabdominally

    Good luck!

    17+6 x
  • I feel like Ive been a bit of a worry wart now - but thanks girls for putting my mind at rest! It means a lot

  • Hi hun

    Try not to worry, I was classed as high risk miscarriage so had a scan at 5+6 (could only see sack) 8 weeks, 10 weeks then 13 weeks. So ive had quite a few and fingers crossed everything is fine. Its all for precaution, im sure your be fine. Congratulations again on your BFP xxx

  • if its any consolation im worried about miscarriage & hubby keeps reminding me that i have to think positive. My tests are getting v dark at 11 dpo so not to worry.
    Its funny when we are young we worry about getting pg, then we worry that we cant & then when we do we worry that something will go wrong! I guess its preparation for a lifetime of worry as mummies!
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