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hi im new here

Hi my name is helen im mummy to Ben who is 5 and a half years old, and i'm 19 weeks and 2 days pregnant with number two. I Have my scan in 2 weeks where im going to try find out what sex the baby is, (would love a pink one) Had an ok pregnancy so far everything has been LOADS different to my first pregnancy, I am having 2 more scans after this one in two weeks, one at 32 weeks and one at 36 weeks as there could be a chance the baby could be big, I had my 16 weeks appointment with the MW and the baby was measuring 1 week and half bigger but all ok hearing the heart beat was fab!. I had bad sickness with this one and a bad loss of appetite i have managed to loose half a stone in the first 12 weeks so being monitored, it makes me wonder if perhaps this is a girl???? I ate and ate when i was pregnant with my son. Also this time i have been having heart pulpitations so its been hard trying to tell if its the baby flickering about or heart pulping haha. Any way im am really enjoying this pregnancy and cant wait to find out what the sex is. Hope all those pregnant are enjoying it too. If there is anyone the same as me i would love to chat. My due date is 18.11.2006. xxx


  • hiya helen_jane. congratulations on num 2, i'm also on pregnancy num two, currentley 17wks n 4 days, baby due nov 30th, i have a son aged 6, and would love a girl this time
  • hi gemmie, congrates to you too. I think the idea of a girl is the norm when people have boys already, I thinks its natural too want one of each, My mum keeps telling me not to get my hopes up just incase, but i could have a boy all over again ben was brilliant baby so i dont mind either way. How is your pregnancy going?
  • awww congrats took me 6 yrs to get preg with baby no1 im due in sept time is going so slow i want another after ths but hope donttake 6 yrs would like them both quite close
  • hi helen_jane, i find with this pregnancy everything could'nt be better, i've had no sickness but then again i did'nt with my first, have suffered with backache and heartburn, but i cannot complain, how is everything going with your pregnancy?
  • hi, mom2be, congrates on your long waited pregnancy, i wish i could say it took me that long i was on the pill with both my pregnancys, i changed to the implant in my arm for three years in between then had it out and went on the pill for 2 months and here i am!!!. Im glad of the age gap but would have liked them a bit closer but like you im happy welldone!!. Gemmie my pregnancy is going ok so far i just have bad heart pulpitations and loss off appetite bad sickness and always tired. but still plodding along.
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