BH have to be painful?

I am only 29+2 but I have been experiencing some BH... tightenings of my bump and weird feelings below but nothing painful as yet.

Is this normal? When do they become painful.. if at all?


  • Hey my BH never hurt and sometimes the tightenings would last for ages but were never uncomfortable, i hardly noticed them really unless they were happpening when i was doing nothing in the evenings.
    Jo xxx
  • hiya i am due in 3 days time and my bh are just starting to get painful but other then now they have been fine
  • I've had a few that are quite intense, normally have an evening of them but mostly its just the tightening sensation.
  • I wouldn't say mine are painful, painful - but uncomfortable. Kinda like mild period pains =- but apparantly they can be different for everyone.
  • With Abby my BH tended to just be uncomfortable, although in the last couple of weeks I had some that were like mild period pain.

    This time round I've had some pretty intense ones, that feel a lot more like contractions and stop me in my tracks, (scared the sh*t out of me at first!) so I think it's different for every pregnancy! image
  • I think a lot of it has to do with what you consider being painful. I have a high tolerence of pain, and my BH were never painful. However I would say they got 'intense' in the last couple weeks. They progressed though, over time they started lasting longer and being stronger too. It wasn't like one day it suddenly got intense.
  • Im due in Nov like Rosemary & Jo, I get tightnings in my bump I think, basically it goes hard and feels a little uncomfy but not painful, does this sound like BH I wondered if it was just baby having a stretch LOL!! x
  • hi hun, im 33weeks and would say over the last couple of weeks they have got really uncomfy, up till then they were just very tight in my bump.xx
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