42 and pregnant

hi everyone firstly what a great side.iam 7wks and really scared i cant consontrate on anything.
we had a mc 6yrs ago and have been trying ever since, found out last week and we are over the moon,
i have a 17yr old and he is made up. problem is i have had really bad stomach pains, backache and the rest that goes with for over a week .but i got up this morning and all has gone apart from matallic taste and fatigue , is this normal or should i be worried:\?


  • Hi Trasi,

    Congratulations! I can't advice on your symptoms, best to get them checked out with the doctors, but I think like most pregnant ladies you suddenly become aware of every pang and twinge and then worry.

    Everyones different so try not to worry, you have a bean to look after and I hope its a sticky one image

    Welcome to the site xxx
  • Congratulations
    Im 6+3 and having lots of twinges, cramps & pains that are totally freaking me out. I spoke to EPU last night as the cramps were so bad and she said that unless i had bleeding there was not really a problem.
    The due in november is full of us worrying ourselves sick about every twinge so i think its completely normal.
  • Hello and congrats, you are descibing how I felt 6-9 weeks preg. Now sat watching my 9 day old daughter. x
  • many congrats!think this sounds normal get checked just to put your mind at rest good luck x
  • thanx everyone feel bit more positive now, i had forgotten wot a worrying time this can be. going for 1st scan april 15th
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