a year ago :cry:

it was a year ago today that we lost our first baby, i can't believe a year can go so quickly but i can still hurt so much. I'm so happy about pip but am really sad about rex, I just wanted him to know that i've not forgotten him


  • it was a year last wek i lost my first baby aswell it does go so quick and i thought about it all day just cos im preg now dont mean to say ive 4gotten smudge xx
  • It was the due date of the bean we lost on Saturday - its hard hon - but so lovely and special to remember and remember how blessed we are with our bumps...
    Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • well my big bump now lol xxx
  • Hi ladies,
    i hate these sad times!! it was a year ago on the 19th january when i lost my baby.
    But i still have my babys ashes, i cant bear to see them every day so i keep them in the back of my nighty drawer!
    I sometimes think i should spread the ashes and let my baby go, but i cant think of any were special enough for my lil one and i dont think i can let go!!
    What do you think? am i being cruel to my baby and myself by stuffing him in a drawer? is it time to let go!?? x
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