Phil and Teds Sport Or Vibe....HELP

Hello ladies

I was wondering if you could help me

At the minute my fiancee and I are trying to concieve our second child, of which i think we have been successful this month as I feel like i did when i concieved out first. Anyway I have been looking at prams and pushchairs for months now and I am stuck on the phil and teds sport or vibe. I was wondering do both seats recline when the babies are in them. If i concieved this month the baby would be due in october and my daughter would be turning two. I really dont want to make a mistake with what double i buy as so far with my daughter I have had a jeep travel system, cosatto koochi pushchair pliko pramette quinny buzz and now I have a graco quattro tour deluxe. I have found real problems with them all.

Any help you can give me would be really appreciated:\)


  • Hi there, not sure I can help with this one or not. I have bought Phil & Ted's Sport pushchair with the double kit (the little chair that slots in the back or front. My baby isn't due for 2 weeks so until that time it's packaged up at my Mum's as she says it's bad luck to bring it in the house before the baby's born :\?. Anyway when I start using it the little chair will clip on top and the baby slips underneath in the main reclined pushchair but I wouldn't say the front seat would be able to recline a lot (I did have a demo in the shop and I'm sure it moved but not as much as the Mamas & Papas I currently have). Anyway it may be worth either going on Phil & Ted's website which I found useful or phoning Mothercare as they are a Phil & Ted stockist. I think it will be great as they aren't as huge as double buggies or as long as tandems so you can still shop! Good luck, hope you see a BFP soon! x
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