Is this a mc?

Ive been getting slight af cramps for weeks and week and when i discovered i was pG... was completely thrilled... had really thick white cm for ages now. but yesterday afternoon I went to the loo and my cm was slightly darker - almost brown - im getting af cramps.... woke up this morning expecting to lose my lil baby but everything seems to be 'normal' although im sure the cramps are still about.

It cant be implantation because of how late i am - it is possible that im losing my baby?

Im so scared and just couldnt sleep last night, this is our first and we really dont want to lose it.xx


  • How far on are you? Early bleeding isn't necessarily only explained by implantation - I had brown cm-like bleeding and sometimes heavy bleeding throughout my first trimester (literally non stop from weeks 5-9! And again in week 11) and I am 35 weeks now! So it's not necessarily bad news. However, I would definitely call your doctors or NHS direct and see what they say as its always best to get things checked out. xxxx

  • Ok thanks hunny. have no idea how far i am - between 5 and 8 weeks - i feel sick with worry - just trying to call my midwife advice line now.

  • hi em
    try not to worry, i had brown cm and slight bleeding which lasted a couple of days when i was around 5-7 weeks pregnant. i phoned up my midwife and she said brown cm is a good sign as it is old blood but if i have lots of fresh blood then i'd need to be checked out. Af type cramping and twinges is normal too. but seek advice if u are still worried to put ur mind at rest xxx
  • Hi Em, what did they say? I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I've been bleeding for 3 days, I'm gonna go down to A&E n c if they will give me a scan..
  • Hi Em,

    I was really upset to see your post but hopefully we can reassure you a little. I had bleeding early on before I tested. I assumed it was my period but as it didn't really come to much I tested and it was positive. I thought this was implantation bleeding but my understanding is that it only lasts a day or two. My bleeding ended up lasting for 2 weeks before it finally stopped. Mostly it was just spotting, I had to wear a panty liner most of the time but it was generally just a tiny amount of blood. I had one more significant bleed during that time which was red blood (scared the crap out of me!) but it stopped after an hour or so. My doctor said she would do tests if it continued as it can be a sign of early miscarriage but the bleeding stopped a couple of days after.

    I ended up in hospital just after the bleeding stopped with severe abdominal pains which were due to a pregnancy cyst (or a UTI or endometriosis - all of which were diagnosed at the time!) But baby was still fine at a 7 week scan.

    I then had bleeding again at about 11 weeks and got an early scan done and everything was fine. I was told it was probably coming from my cervix as it can get very sensitive so can bleed after sex or even having a big poo! The bleeding again lasted for about 2 weeks and has never returned.

    I'm now 28 weeks and everything has been fine since. Sounds like I've had a terrible time of it but I actually think I've had a good pregnancy now! It was really frightening at the time but now that everything has settled I've been able to enjoy my pregnancy. I really hope everything is fine. It's normal to worry over these symptoms but don't suffer in silence. Ask for help if you need to although they won't be able to reassure you fully until they can do a scan and that won't show a heartbeat until at least 6-7 weeks (I was 7 weeks before they could confirm my pregnancy was "viable").

    Keep us informed and I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Sonia xx
  • I had really bad cramping from about 8-11 weeks like doubled over cramps convinced i was miscarraging but called early pregnancy unit at hospital they did a scan and everything was fine.

    I was told its perfectly normal and apparently if you are use to painful periods the cramps can be worse - try not too worry its just you body doing what its meant to!

    Laura (25+5)xxxx
  • Hiya! Thought id post - EVERYTHING IS GOOD.

    Stopped bleeding, baby in right place, over the moon - thank you for your replies xxxxxx
  • YAY! Good luck for the next few months hon.

  • Sooo glad to hear everything's okay EM!

    Iz x

  • Yup! Had my scan - saw the little poppet on the screen, im just completely chuffed!!! so now i can relax and ease myself over the next few weeks - hoping everyone enjoys their pregnancies! xxx
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