Hello! and paranoia

Hi girls!

This is my first time positing in this forum so 'HI', hope you don't mind me joining you. I do recognise a few of you from the TTC long term forum so 'hi' to you too!

Got my BFP about 3 weeks ago, thought I was 8 weeks but following a dating scan it turns out that I am only 6 weeks and 6 days today.

I don't have any symptoms yet and I know I really shouldn't complain about this but it is most unnerving! Am sure when and if I get the symptoms I will soon be kicking myself!!! image

I was just wondering if any of you more experienced ladies could answer a query for me.....
I am ridiculously paranoid every time I go to the toilet to the point where I am running the loo constantly to check all is ok still! I think I am developing OCD! Does this feeling ever go away?

Thanks for any comments



  • I was exactly like that for about a month after getting my BFP!! Its quite common I think, we all turn into knicker twitchers!!!

    I started to feel a bit better at about 8 weeks, but I still get paranoid episodes!!

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  • Hey Jem

    Knicker Twitchers - that made me laugh but oh so true!!!! :lol:

    Thanks for your reply, am hoping once i have the 12 week scan I will settle down a bit. Nice to know I am being 'normal' and not turned into a total fruitloop just yet!

  • I was the same, it was horrible to have that constant nagging fear. The feeling only went away for me after the 12-week scan.... sorry :\(

    Keep cheerful and banish any worries the INSTANT they start nagging at you!
  • Thanks girls

    Oooh how exciting JBean you are nearly there. Good luck hope it all goes well!!!
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