Premature birth (sad, so be warned)

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to post a thank you for everyones supoort whilst using this chat board. To briefly fill everyone in, I was expecting twins on 9 April 2008 (although they were expected in March). However last week I went into labour!!!! Yes I was only 23 wks pregnant......Grace was born at 12.46pm weighing 1lb,4ozs and was immediately transported to NICU, Lucy was born at 13.15pm weighting 1lb,1oz. She decided not to fight for her life and passed away 45 minutes after birth. 7 days on and Grace is still fighting for her life, although be it with a ventilator and nine drips!! I am praying that she beats the odds and survives.

Although there is no reason for what happened, my advice would be to put your feet up and relax as much as possible. I was quite big for 23 wks and was rushing around trying to please everyone, when really I should have been curled up in bed as much as possible.

Take care everyone and enjoy your births (it bloody hurts!!!)

Love Debs


  • Oh Debs sorry to hear Lucy passed away and I hope with all my heart Grace hangs on for you it must be a tough time for you right now will be thinking of you take care and keep us posted on her progress x x x
  • im so sorry to hear that hun im from ttc forum thought id pop in. il say a lil prayer for your baby x x my thoughts are with you hun x
  • So sorry Debs, can't imagine what you must be going through but my thoughts and prayers are with you and Grace.

    L xxx
  • My prayers are with you and baby Grace and your family. So sorry about baby lucy. Wishing you strenght thru this sad and difficult time.
  • Oh my goodness. You take care Debs. I'm wishing with every cell in my body that Grace pulls through and flourishes into a healthy little girl. I am so, so sorry that you've lost baby Lucy. Loads of love to you and your partner and your family. Big, big hugs, Jo x
  • Dear Debs,
    I am so sorry for what has happened to you. The same thing happened to my friend nearly seven years ago. Her twins were born at 27 weeks. She had a boy Charlie and a girl Lucie. They both weighed about a 1LB each. Unfortunately Lucie passed away about a week after being born, but Charlie was a little fighter and is 7 in February. You would never know he was born so early. I wish Grace all the best and hope she grows stonger as each hour, day passes. Hugs to you all xxx
  • i am deeply sorry for your loss and cannot put into words my sympathy for you and your family. god bless those two angels and may they sleep well in heaven once again my condolences are with you at this difficult time xxx
  • please excuse my last post . i did not realise gracy was still fighting and that is something to keep focused about in itself my prayers are with gracy and i will light a candle for both your children at church at some point today xxx
  • i'm so sorry for your loss, and i hope Grace continues to fight and i'm sure will be a beautiful little girl.
    My aunt went into premeture labour with a Megan at 24weeks and weighed just a 1lb she too had a very big battle ahead of her to continue to develop as well as everything else and remained in hospital till her due date. She is now 8 and gorgeous and full of life. All my love to u and ur family i hope 2008 brings u lots of joy with ur daughter.xxxxxxx
  • Ohh my goodnes.. i cant believe what I just read.. My heart goes out to you and your family.. i was in the april forum with you and im 25 weeks.. so you must have been so scared hun.
    im so sorry little angel lucy didnt have the strength to make it.. glad you got to see her and name her though. All my prayers are sent for sweet baby Grace.. Im sure she is a fighter to get through another week.
    I also want to send my thoughts to you hun.. what you must be going through must be so traumatic. I do hope you have lots of family suport hun.
    Im guessing christmas wont be as planned now.. but maybe have a special day when grace finally gets home.
    Take care of you.. and your new beautiful grace.
    caz xx
  • sending prayers and love to you and oh and of course little Grace, and I'm so sorry about Lucy.
    Here if you need anything.
    em xxxxxxxxxxx
  • I'm so sorry about baby Lucy hun. My thoughts are with you...My oh's big sister Vicky was born at 29 weeks but she only weighed about 1lb 8oz. No-one thought she would make it but she is now 22 and has no problems at all!
    I'll pray for Grace and hope she makes it. So many premature babies survive now even born that early. Fingers crossed and stay well x x x
  • oohhhh Debs my heart goes to you what a traumatic time... poor lil lucy but think of her sat there watching Grace fight asnd helping her through this rough time. just think of the angels helping lil grace get stronger and although may be a long trying time it may also show you how strong both you and your lil girl really are. Just remember to talk to her and telling how much you love her and that soon she'll be home where she belongs in your arms and tell her as she grows about her twin lucy who gave up her strength so that she may live and not cause mommy to be torn between 2 beds rather than just one image can't imagine how you feel just writing this i'm in tears (trying to hide it as am at work and would provoke questions) hold in there lil grace mommy needs you
  • I really don't know what to say other than my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I send all my strength and support to little Grace. The SCBU units are outstanding and the work they do is second to none.
  • So sorry to hear your sad news about little Lucy. My fingers will be tightly crossed that little Grace continues to fight and that she'll soon be where she belongs, in your arms.
    Take care and lots of love
  • Debs I'm sooooo sorry. I hope Gracie pulls through her fight. Wishing you some happiness with Gracie at this very sad time. Loads of hugs and best wishes, Laura xxx
  • Also hun I forgot to mention in my earlier post, plz don't blame yourself. We're all rushing around cos it's christmas and I'm sure that's not what caused your girls coming early so plz don't think you could have done something cos you did the best job! Stay strong x x x
  • Hi hun
    So so very sorry to hear your sad news. Tiger Lily is right, please don't blame yourself. Our bodies do an amazing job, but sometimes nature takes over and there is nothing we can do.
    Little Lucy will be acting as Grace's gaudian angel and will be watching over her. I will be thinking of you and your little girl.
    maria x
  • No words can express how you feel about the loss of Lucy I am sure. I will pray for you and your family at this difficult time and hope that little Grace continues to fight.

    Sending hugs

    Kirsty xx
  • All my love and best wishes for your wee one. Hope she pulls through and I'm sure her sister is looking out for her and keeping her safe.
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