Morning Sickness Help Please!!!

Hi guys

I am 11weeks and 5 days pregnant and I go for my 12 week scan on Monday (bizzarly it is the day I will be exactly 12 weeks!!!) I am still suffering with morning sickness. I don't have it all day, but it does pop up at any time. My mum has scared me a bit this evening cos I said that I get stomach ache with it, the kind of stomach ache you get when you have a hangover or when you have travel sickness. She said she didn't think that was normal and said she thinks I need to see a doctor. My OH has sort of said that my mum is a bit of a hypocondriach (which is true, and sorry about the spelling!) but I just wondered if that was the same kind of feeling you got when you had morning sickness.

Many thanks




  • Hey hun
    I really wouldn't worry about getting a stomach ache with your sickness. If you are actually being sick you are probably pulling muscles in there and if you are just nauseas the chances are the acid is swirling around in there which can be uncomfortable or painful!!
    I was sick up til 16 weeks and I suffered from all sorts of aches and pains. I am now 39+6 and my baby is due tomorrow, apart from the sickness I have had quite an uneventful pregnancy.
    Try not to worry, but i you are concerned there is no harm in mentioning it to your doc or midwife.
    Good luck xxxx
  • Thanks littlepenguin that makes me feel loads better. That was what I had thought too that I felt achy becasue I was being sick. I'll mention it to my MW on Monday when I have my scan.

  • The best way of describing morning sickness for most people is like being constantly hungover. If its normal for to have a stomach ache then I'd say its completely normal for os its obviously how your body deals with sick.

    I too was another person who was sick loads till about 16 weeks

    Good luck with your scan x
  • dont worry hun i had it really bad and had the cramps u get loads of cramps wen u r preg especially at the stage u r but if u get any bleeding u need to phn midwife the cramps cud b either ur tummy has shrunk cos u r off ur food or cos u r been sick or just everything implanting cos ur baby is starting to move out ur pelvis at this stage dont worry hun u will b fine but if u still ent happy phn nhs direct aslong as u ent haveing any bleeding u shud b gr8 xxp.s gud luck with ure scan u will love it xx
  • hi i had severe morning sickness and it can be very very miserable, it also can hurt and is very much like having a stomach ache, some people who dont get any type of morning sickness just cant understand how it feels, you have to have experienced it, i was sick till about 19 weeks ish, its suppose to be worse if you are carrying a girl which i am! x good luck with your scan x

    chleo 27+4
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