Ahhhh leg cramp .........

I have been having the worst leg cramps at night and today i am limping and still really hurts.

Anyone got any ideas how to help this or prevent it?

I remember getting it with my daughter but was further on.

Thanks laura 21 + 5


  • no afraid no advice! i get it at least 3 or 4 times a night im up hobbling around the bedroom! get it during the day sometimes too.. they say when u feel it coming to point ur toes to the celing to stop the muscle cramping...but dont do alot for me and also plenty of water.! xx
  • in my first and second pg i got them alot at night i read in a baby mag to point your feet right back towards your leg & it will stop the cramp i did this and it worked every time so give it a try hope it works for you xx xx

  • hiya i was reading summit the other day bout leg cramps at nite and it said to have a glass of milk or yoguart b4 bed and tht shud help it, i havent tried it tho coz i dnt get it just thought id share lol
    Gemma 26+3 xxx
  • definatley point toes up and towards leg, have a friend whos a dr. it won't stop cramp but will stop you doing more damage. it can be a salt deficiency that causes it but under impression its quite normal in 3rd trimester.
  • Cramp is caused by a drop in potassium levels, bananas are good way to replace those levels as too much salt isn't advised! hope that helps!

  • I've been getting this for the last few nights too,no idea how to prevent it though! My dad used to be an athletics coach and he told me the best thing to do is to place the ball of your foot on the wall and push so that you're forced to lift your toes,even though it hurts. It works every time for me xx 18+6
  • Thanks ladies it so annoying isnt it!

    Right i will stock up on bannanas and yogurt and point my toes when i get it and will tryand see if that helps.
    The joy of pregnancy!

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