im pregnant

Cant believe it,got the coil out 4 weeks ago,been feeling really sick for the past week,did pregnancy test on sun got a bfp,went and seen nurse yesterday and she did another,was positive. It has all happened too quickly,im soo scared that something will go wrong!! Im really really happy but the reality of now being pregnant is terrifying me,is this normal,will i get used to it.

Jstar xxx


  • Hi Jstar, have seen you on ttc - congratulations! Don't worry the first few weeks are a lot to get your head around.
  • Congratulations! Great news. Please do not worry, its life changing news so it does take awhile to get your head round. Your be fine, I could not believe it at first and still cant sometimes now, but since Ive had my scan I am so excited.
    Goodluck and wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xx

  • Congratulations. You will get used to it but it takes a while for it to seem real!
    Good luck!
  • thanks ladies, looking forward to getting to know you all.

    Jstar x
  • congratulations hun. xx
  • Hi jstar. Congratulations on your news. When are you due? It is a lot to get your head round at first as its life changing. I still find my self in a state of shock but once u have your scan those feelings do settle. Hope u have an enjoyable pregnancy. Lisa 14+5
  • I dont have a clue when im due coz i didnt have a proper period since getting the coil out, so i dont think i will know for sure till i get my scan.

    Jstar x
  • Thats great news hun, early pregnancy is scary and exciting all at the same time but I am hoping as time goes on things get easier and we can relax and enjoy!
    Look forward to chatting to you.
  • congratulations jstar!!!! iv been waiting for your BFP!!!! when are you due?

    ashy 9 weeks
  • Hi ashyashy, not sure when im due coz i only got my coil out 4 weeks ago.doesnt feel real yet.

    Jstar x
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