i too have had a scan today :(

i paid for a private scan today as i couldn't wait any longer on NHS. by my dates i should be 9 weeks but they couldn't find anything. there was a sac (measuring about 7 and a bit weeks) and a yolk sac but they couldn't find anything else. they aren't saying 100% that it is over as my cycle could have been a week out. so i've been to GP and booked in for an NHS early scan next wednesday but i'm not getting my hopes up.

i didn't have to have full bladder for this scan - as instructed in my letter. i'm clinging on to a tiny bit of hope that this could have affected the scan.

but i know deep down that it is probably over and i'm just so upset



  • Awww-im so sorry hun.
    I really hope its just your dates that are mixed up and everythings fine when you go to the next one xxxxx
  • i hope that it is too early to tell, i've got fingers crossed for you too, wishing you lots of luck.xxx
  • i really hope its to early to tell hunny, ive got everything crossed for you xxxxxxx
  • Really hope its just too early to tell. Will be thinking of you.
  • My thoughts are with you..I went through this last year and only found out at the 12 wk scan..do try and wait and see what happens at the NHS scan...make sure you ahve people to support you at this difficult time...take care

  • good luck honey hope its just your dates are wrong....fingers crossed for you
  • I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, hope its better news on your NHS one x
  • Am keeping everything crossed for you that it's just your dates that are out! Will be thinking of you x
  • Aww hunny, I'm really sorry to hear this, I know you've been worrying about it too!

    I'm sure it's just your dates that are wrong and that bean is just too small to see at the minute.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, keep us updated with news from your next scan xxx
  • Oh no - I logged on just to see your news, mrs_e, and my heart sank when I saw the sad face. I just don't have any words that will say how sorry I am or make it better.

    Whilst I desperately hope that it's a case of inaccurate dates, try to talk it through lots with hubby and prepare yourself for what you might not see next week. Lots of us are thinking of you - I know it doesn't help but we're always here to chat to.
  • hi hope all goes well. fingers crossed for you.

    becs xx
  • Oh mrs_e I am so sorry....although look whats happened to me in the last 2 wks. On my first visit they couldnt even see a yolk sac and a week later they found everything. I told them my dates were spot on as I was peeing on an ov stick but clearly they dont always work exactly as I thought! Keep your chin up honey, thinking of you xxxx
  • thankyou everyone it means a lot xxxx
  • mrs-e I am so sorry to hear this and really hope it is a case of it growing for you and not a mc. This happens a lot and is devestating but as the others say it doesn't always mean that you have lost the preg.
    Good Luck xxx
  • keeping my fingers crossed that its just to early, good luck with the next scan xx
  • hun only just saw your message. sorry to hear that wasn't the best news but hang in there. Cant remember who but someone in nov forum had a scan and no heartbeat went back folowing week and baby had grown and had heartbeat. Fingers crossed and sticky growing babydust for next scan, take care
    Filo x
  • Really sorry to hear that I hope that it's incorrect and you get some good news next week.
    Take care
    Em x
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