just gone back to work after a couple of weeks off image n come back with a cold image well... not really a cold but more of a blocked nose more than anything!!!!
I've just been to the chemist but the dr wasn't in to ask if i could take anything like the vicks inhaler things so i can breathe through my nose for a bit!!! anyone else been in the same situation & know what's safe? I've got my 28week check on thursday so can ask my midwife then but having to breathe through my nose is making my lips go all dry n cracked image
any tips?


  • I had the same problem a few days ago. I wanted to take lemsip cause I had a cold as well. The chemist said I can't take that as it contains a decongestant which could harm the baby - I was gutted as my nose was driving me crazy!! He said I can take a paracetamol to help with the cold symptoms and use vicks vapour rub in a bowl of hot water to help clear my nose -you can also use vicks inhaler for when you're on the go. I put vicks on my chest at night too.

    Hope this helps.
  • cheers for that one!! wil go bakc tomorrow n get some! the annoying thing really is that it's not even a proper cold just my nose is blocked! i don't like to keep sniffin coz when i get a cough on my chest it stays there for ages!!! n with lo tending to boot me in the ribs doesn't really help!!! thx again for answering image
  • I was told not to use vicks! but that is because there is no evidence to suggest it does/does not harm your baby. I suck tunes every now and then to clear my nose. Prob not supposed to do that either!
  • Vicks is fine, I have had a couple of colds since I got pregnant and used loads of it both times! I looked it up on babycentre and apparently it is fine xxx
  • I had this a couple of weeks ago and yep I used Eau de Vicks - smelt lovely for a few days but at least it helped. Also my oh asked pharmacist if vitamin c would help and when she said yeah - instead of buying me tablets he bloody bought me 2 bags of oranges!!!! Suppose the thought was there but could not manage all those oranges lol
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