Help! Need advice asap!

Hi everyone
I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my second child and I have a 4 year old daughter. She hasnt been herself for the last couple of days and today she's woken up boiling hot and with bright red cheeks. Could she have slap cheek? She doesnt really have any other symptoms other than her temperature and shes tired and not wanting to do much. If it is slap cheek is there a risk to the baby?
Thanks for any replies in advance!


  • Hiya, there's a thread about this further down pregnancy board called slapped cheek syndrome. As far as I know it can have complications if you catch it before 20 weeks so I'd ring your doc or midwife cos they can give you a blood test and reasure you. Try not to worry too much though cos lots of people have had it already as a child. Good luck, hope you don't have it. xxx

  • Heya, there is a risk if u have never had it before, but most people have had it without even realising it and are already immune. It's best to be safe though and you should get checked by your gp just to be sure xxx
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