new will smith film.........

has anyone seen it???
i think its called i'am legend

u know the bit where he has to kill his dog i was in pieces i was hystericly crying my eyes out my boyfriend had to try and calm me down but it didnt work i was crying my eyes out all bloody night its sooooooo sad bringing a tear to my eye now just thinking about it!!!!!!

if u have seen it what did u think??????


  • my oh dragged me to see it on boxing day i was in tears in the pics when the dog died. people kept turning round looking at us oh got a bit embarrassed bless him.

    i thought it was great, really really jumpy tho i was crapping myself xx
  • yeah i was too i just found it too sad and i told oh i wanted to go but we ended up staying
  • I thought it was a good movie too. Had to keep the lights on in the hall way that
  • I thought it was fab too! That dog was so lovely though and yes it started me off too. Mind you, i'm a bit of a wreck lately and the AA advert makes me cry, think it must be the song in the background! I loved that ad! xxxxxx
  • yeah ive seen it. i dont usually do horror / action kinda thing im more of a romantic comedy. its good seing willy though, gets me all hot under the collar, especially

    but its o.k a bit of a drag in parts and a little short, but worth it to see willy. god so worth it. lol
  • Haha, I'm glad I wasn't the only one! I haven't really been having the whole hormonal/emotional thing whilst preg, but that bit in the movie really got me - I was properly blubbing!

    I'd steer clear of PS. I Love You too unless you're going with the girls - tears from start to finish! xx
  • I had this problem too!
    Also when the it showed that the 2 helicopters (one with his wife and child) were going to crash I shouted "NO". It went really quiet then didnt it so I sunk in my seat and looked at OH who didnt even look at me so thought I had got away with it. After the film I said "thought I had made a right pratt of myself at that bit when ....." and he turned to me and said "you did" laughing! And I was hoping no-one had heard lol But as you said Sarah - well worth it to see "Big Willy".
  • Haha i did exactly the same thing! And when the dog went to attack him i yelled "he's gonna have to kill his dog!" then burst into tears when he did! Haha how sad.

    Thought the ending was a bit crap... i was quite in the mood for the cliche of they all live happily ever after! Well actually it was a good ending. Just not what i wanted at the time :P how dare they! Lol.

  • Fab movie, esp when Will Smith was doing chin lifts with his top off! Yum! I had to hold back the tears when his dog dies, but then I always blub watching animal charity adverts and that was before I was pregnant!LOL! xx
  • See you'd think they could come out with something even vaguely amusing rather than a load of non-plussed comments that mean absolutely nothing to us. Shame. They must be male.
  • I just think we should ignore Granveras posts altogether, hopefully she will just fuck off and get bored. xx
  • agree with you Tubbs!image will smith is looking great doing the chin ups - better body than what he had in ALI even! (not decided if its better than shower scene in I Robot though - you get his bum then too!!) mmmmm!
  • It was a sad movie all in all. I loved it. But did it really need to end. And I hated Will for walking towards the damn doll. And if he shifted his arse and got in the car with the dog it might have been prevented so needless to say I was very upset and was crying too. And when he died as well. Cause it looked like he couldhave helped them.

    But hey ho. what can you do
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