lurker but 4D pics

I normally lurk here but just wanted to share my 4D scan experience! I think since April is looming and my little one will soon be here it's time to come out of hiding and make some friends :\)

We're pretty sure now we have a little lady in there - legs wide open for all to see haha! She had both her hands on her face at 1st so we checked the placenta site because I was told it was low at 20 weeks and did all her measurements.

Estimated weight is 2lb that about average?? I'm pretty sure she said it was but cant remember - was too busy laughin about her hands being over her face

Placenta is still a bit low - it's 2.86cm from the cervical os...she said they like to see 3-4 but was VERY confident that by 36 weeks we'll be well clear of the os (crossing fingers as I dont want a c/section) She said that segment of the uterus doesnt usually stretch out til gone 30 weeks so as I only have a cm or so to go then shes almost certain we'll be in the clear :1up: I'll keep everything crossed til then.

My little baby Aimee was very sleepy and nothing really woke her. Got some fab pics tho - esp ones of her sucking her cord...never seen that before but it was SO cute!!

This is my fave pic

Sucking the cord haha


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