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does any1 know when we are supposed to start kick charts? my lo has been kicking like mad the last 2 weeks and i dont know when were are supposed to be counting them? im not seeing my midwife till nearer the end of december so i dont know if i am doing it too early now? she never tells me these things!!!


gracie and bump 21 weeks


  • My midwife just asks if baby is active. I think 10 kicks or moves a day is supposed to be right. Mine does about 100 some days tho. As long as you feel it regular then you will get used to when baby is awake at certain times etc xxx
  • my mw dont use them - they say that if baby is moving differently than ur used to (ie at diff times, diff ways) and ur worried, to call them or the mat unit.
  • you only need to start monitoring movements from when you're 28 weeks however i'm not doing a chart as lo moves almost all day everyday and you can feel even the slightest of movement i think it's only if you feel less than 10 movements (ish) when your mw would ask you to do one.

    x x
  • I was advised to start keeping a note of the number of kicks/ episodes of movement from about 24 weeks. Speaking to other people it seems that everyone gets told something a little different depending on their mw and the area of the country you are in. Basically the advice they gave me was that the baby should give 10 good kicks or episodes of movement (i.e if you can feel it squirming around for 5-10 minutes or so then that is 1 episode) in a 12 hour period. I was then told that if I didn't get these movements then I must ring straight away. Yes, I imagine it can make you worried if you don't get enough kicks but they would rather that you worried and rang them and they checked that everything was ok than you not realising something is wrong till it is too late.
  • am getting loads of kicks, more than 10 a day!! i was just wondering when i needed to start the chart. my midwife never tells me anything, mind you, evry1 in my area hates her anyway! lol!!

    thanks for the advice

    gracie and bump xx
  • I hope my MW will be helpful. I am 14+3 and have not seen a MW yet. I was not refered when they were supposed to. Most of the staff at that hospital is unhelpfull and very sour faced. I'm afraid I'm going to have the worst experience ever for my first birth.
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