4D scan :D


I just got back from my 4D scan wanted to share a pic with everyone from one proud mummy image xx



  • Wow thats really clear! Ah that's your litlle one - how cute! How many weeks are you? I wasnt sure whether to get one or not as they're quite expensive but I've been stalking the Babybond website....lol

  • Baby's lovely. I love these scans. I wish i had had one but i think its too late now. 34 weeks. x
  • We went for the ??195 one! but so worth it it was with baby bond thanks the pics are amazing! i love him so much!! I am 27 weeks xx
  • WOW! the pics amazing and hes sooooooooooooo beautiful! id love a 4D scan but OH dnt wanna c wat she looks likes till shes born hes a gimp lol
    Gemma 26+1 xxx
  • Aww thats really clear! I had a 4d scan when i was 24 weeks preg and went for the ??200 gold package and it was worth every penny!! image
    Best experience ever! (apart from actually meeting her :lol: )

    Gorg pic!

    Sharon x

  • Aw!!! What a fab pic!!

    I've booked a 4D scan for 29 weeks!

    What did you get for ??200? I've booked with The Stork, I get 4 pics & a dvd for ??90!

    23+2 x
  • I had mine done at Babes in the Womb @ Edinburgh and for ??200, we got a 4d 10minute long dvd, 10 printed photos, CD Rom with over 30 still images, photo frame saying 'its a girl', booties and a wellbeing chart image

  • Thanks Everyone xx
  • aww bless, that pic is so gorgeous! congrats!

    34wks today
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