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Hello just wanted to sympathise with you as i have had siatica and lower back pain since 19 weeks i and have now been told i have spd am 36 weeks now and really really fed up. went to see chiropractor 2 weeks ago as i stupidly thought once i fineshed work(hairdresser standing all day) that my problems would be over! I cry with the pain now and every one just thinks its the hormones which pisses me off even more becouse actually im cring with pain . I dont want sympathy i just get so fed up of never being comfortable. Ive actually heard my boyfriend say how do you think it is for me i have to live with her! And i thinkactually ive coped really well. I wake on the hour every hour with shooting cramp like spasms down the cheeks of my arse and the backs of my legs so i have to get up have awalk round and get back in to bed and try and get back to sleep. I tell you its a mans world. What i find even more frustrating is that i should be nesting i was actually quite looking forward to getting my house all sparklyand clean becouse i know we are going to have loads of visitors when babs here. Now i struggle to walk let alone clean. and dont get me started on that i said to lee the other day babeicant do the vaccuming thinking he would offer to help and he said dont worry about it its fine!!!!!!!!!!! So persuing it a bit further i said i know but id really like to keep on top of the housework just in case i go into labour early do you know what he said Ill ring my mum up and see if she will come round she can blitz the whole house!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so stupid does he not realise that if our motherin laws come round we haveto clean the house before they get here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god so sweetheart what i am trying to say is you will neverget any sympathy or understanding from your other half but you will from me! Take it easy xxxxx


  • thanks westbrom at least i know i'm not alone with the unsympathetic oh lol my flat is an absolute bombsite! we're trying to pack and sort out (we've gotta be out by the 15thMarch) its a night mare... i have so much on mom is in for an op 2moro to have a tumor removed from her bladder then on top of that i have physio next week and then the following week i have the 20 weeks scan (which i'm exccited about) then the evicition with no where to move to as we have to drop my wage (i'm the highest earner) we bring in about ??1500 amonth between us to pay rent and bills and food and at the moment maternity clothes arghh..... sounds like lots of money but when thing like debts are getting paid its tuppence imageanyways lol as for the cleaning hmmmmm my oh doesn't invite his mom round to do the house work (she'd charge us) but my mom comes around and helps when she can. i feel guilty though as i know i should be doing it and i can't bend down image i have contemplated crawling around as its not as painful but it kills my knee after a few mins lol so still trying to work my way around packing and cleaning image thanks for the message though makes me feel so much better knowing i'm not alone image
    debz 17+6 x
  • Oh anytime oh my goodness you are having a few problems. My mum had her hip replaced christmas week so i know how you feel i would like to help my mum with her housework as she cant do anything for 12 weeks but well weve already covered that one! I take it you are not able to work now i did struggle on at work simply cus i didnt want to loose any money and ive made my backand pelvis a lot worse. It is just not worth it i know that it is easier said than done but you will not starve and you will have a roof over your heads everything will work out in the end as long as your wee one is ok nothing else matters. It might be worth seeing achiropractor babe again the price put me off but i will just put it on the never never i dont care now anything to ease the pain a bit . I will give you a laugh later anyway we are havingto attend a special giving birth talk tonight by the chiropractic clinic on advice giving birth with back problems. Ha HA i cant wait you have to watch a video first Lee went white his words were for F***s sake do i have to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes you do my lovely. Then yesterday midwife said i will probably have to give birth kneeling on all fours. I was upset becouse i really wanted to be on a bed with a sheet covering my bits and bobs but i dont know about you but i have very little movement in my legs (cant spread them) but again Lee just thinks oh my god i dont want to see anything!!!!!!! He is hilarious its a good job i love him xxxxxxxx
  • nope still working away. i'm trying to work till april pain permitting i still have certain amount of movement although it kills doing stairs and as for sex hahahaha whats that sex drive is completely down at mo
    sounds like lee is in for a treat 2night heard the same about the position i wanted a water birth but thats out the window image then on top of that i'm severe chronic asthmatic and when upset or steressed the asthma kicks in am going to speak to midwife about an elective csection lol easy option
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