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Afternoon everyone, hope you and bumps are all ok image

Well i dont know if any of you remember, as i have posted a few topics before about this but i have thrush AGAIN!!

This is the 5th time it has come back and i cant stand it anymore image(

Ive used a pessary 4 times before and its the only thing that can clear it. Tried yoghurt, cold showers, thrush cream etc etc but not working ahhhhhh

Neway, basically the question i have is, will it be safe for me to use another pessary ~?


  • Hi melissa
    I'd suggest going to your GP, if it's persistent thrush they may want to investigate further, it might also be that they can treat it with some form of antibiotic which is safe.

    I know it's a pain if you get it re-occuring.
    Em x
  • I haven't had this while pregnant melissa but have read other posts that suggest you shouldn't use pessary's while pregnant. Check with the pharmacist though, they will best advise you.
    Sorry I can't be of any more help but just incase nobody else knows, I thought I would reply.
    I assume its live yoghurt you've used?

    Good luck, it must be driving you insane you poor thing.

    32+1. xx
  • I know how horrid this is!!

    Ive used the pessary 4 times since being pregnant and doctor says its fine.

    Eat live yoghurt everyday this helped me. image

    Melissa 26+3 xxx
  • Omg its sooo irritating ! My midwife prescribed me the pessary the 1st time but ive been going to the chemist myself every other time ! It only works for about 2 weeks and then comes back to haunt me !

    I cant have sex either because that seems to bring it back quicker!!

    ahhh well trip to the doctors for me then image

  • Aww i know how irritating it is but if its any help mine hasnt reared its ugly head in about 6 weeks now so im hoping ive had my last dose image

    How far gone are you??? xxx
  • 31+5 and it started coming pretty much after 3 months !
  • No magic cure I'm afraid - it's been pessaries for me as well, but not as bad as you. I'd go get swabbed just in case it's not thrush after all. Get the cream as well to use outside for the itching (if you're not already).

    Good luck - it is sooooo annoying isn't it? Hey you could try wearing no knickers for a few days! LOL

    13 days to go
  • Ive been swabbed and it is thrush.

    Your right its annoying !!!!!! Never had it before i was pregnant!

    I thought about wearing no knickers but 2 much discharge im afraid ( sorri tmi )

  • ooh maybe not then! I'm in the same position aswell - roll on giving birth I say!
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