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Im getting very worried now as i had what i thought was implantation bleeding last week (im 6 weeks today). It was brown and just spotting and lasted on and off for 3 days. I have had a browny discharge since then. Last night the brown bleeding started again but heavier and so i have made a docs appt for later today. I have no pain and no red blood, do you think this wil be ok?

Its my first pregnancy so im really unsure of why this would be happening, i know brown blood is old blood but it seems strange i would be losing this much. I am testing a very strong BFP still but i know this would stay like this anyway. Would an early external scan show up this early (as i don't want an internal as fear it may cause more problems).

Thanks for any replies xxx

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  • Hi

    You would definitely need an internal scan this early on - an external wouldn't show anything as the foetus is too far down in the pelvis. I had the same problem as you with this pg (I'm now 21 weeks), and had 2 internal scans at 5 and 7 weeks. The internal scans do not cause any damage and will not cause or 'speed up' a miscarriage, so my advice would be to go straight to your Early Pregnancy Unit (you can phone them direct to get in if your GP won't refer you) and get one done - it's obviously invasive for you, but won't cause any harm to lo.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks, well i have a docs appt at 2 so if they don't refer me i will go down. I hope its ok! xx
  • Good luck for later and please come back to tell us how everything went. I had an internal at twelve weeks as well. I dont know why but they could never see the baby from external until 16 weeks.

    Can you imagine how worried I was. I too had bleeding. But very dark red with clots. And that turned out to be fine. So try not to stress too much. Though I know you would anyway. But wait till you hear something before getting too worked up.

    Dont forget to let us know!!!!
  • Hi, i too had bleeding and brown discharge , i was about 71/2 weeks at the time, im due tomoz!! so it dosent mean anything sinister is happening, however i totally understand your anxiety, i had a miscarrige some years ago, and when i bled i thought i was losing this one too, and ive been so paranoid all the way through. I dont think any words will be of any comfort to you at the mo, untill you know whats happening, its down to the individual.
    hope all goes ok for you and be sure to keep us posted.xxxx
  • hi, i know someone that had an external at 6 weeks so they may do it first and if its not clear then they will do an internal one. it will not cause any more problems for u it will just put ur mind at rest i'm sure everything is fine especially as u r having no bad pains or cramps or heavy bleeding. keep us updated xx
  • HI girls, well i went to the docs and they were pretty useless as expected so i phoned my early pg unit and i am going on wednesday for blood tests and maybe a scan. Still bleeding but still brown and not too much (though more than a discharge) so guess ill just have to wait and see.

    Its so horrible not knowing but im going to TRY and stay positive until then as no pain and no red blood so could be worse.

    Ill let you know how it goes on wednesday xxx
  • I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! As you say, old blood, so hopefully just a bit of early bleeding that's stopped now.

  • i had blood ok not fresh blood it was very similar to yours and i went for an internal scan at 8wks and all was fine, they said my period would have been due around this time so it could have been that or the ipmlantation bleeding!

    stay positive i know how it feels to wait, i had to wait 2days but i thought if the blood turns red then il start to panic
  • Thanks for the replies, it's made me feel a little better. Gempot that's what im thinking just now, ill worry if it gets red or really heavy.

    This early pregnancy stuff is so worrying (im sure it is whether you have bleeding or not). The fact that i have never had any pg symtoms doesn't help either but i guess ill find out one way or the other soon xx
  • Hi Lilylou,

    I didn't have the early pregnancies worries as I didn't know I was pregnant until after 12 weeks however I can empathise with you because due to a MC 3 years ago I have been little miss paranoid the whole way through!
    Anyway I really just want to say please try & think positively & i'm sure everything will be OK. As you don't seem to have any red 'fresh' blood this is probably your body getting rid of the waste as such so your LO can lie in comfort!

    All the best,
    Lauren (32wks) xx
  • just wanted to say i hope all goes well for you i had a m/c last year at about 8-9 wks and from what ur discribing dont sound like a m/c it is very worrying these early stages im now 6 weeks and very paranoid i just think ur body is geting rid of rubbish that it dont need hope all goes well for you xx
  • Thanks misslauri and emzy. Well i went to epau today and got hcg bloods taken and going back on fri for another sample so guess im going to have to wait another couple of days to find out if all ok :/ If levels high enough for a scan they will do one (hope so). On the bright side the bleeding seems to be stopping again so hopefully all is fine. xxx

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  • Well i got my first blood results and they are in the 5000's which would date me about 6 weeks which is what i thought so all looks fine, but getting more taken tomorrow so if doubled then all is ok. Im still bleeding but i guess ill just have to accept that this is the way this pregnancy is going to be. But it is so hard not to worry when im bleeding every day :/

  • Good news about the bloods, sure everything is going to be fyn. A friend of my mums bled all the way through both her pregnancies and was always back and forth to the hospital but they cud never actually find anything wrong and she gave birth to two very healthy and happy baby boys. Gud luck for your bloods 2morrow. Kerry xxx

  • That's great news lilylou - best indication is the hcg.

    Fingers crossed for youx
  • thanks, ill let you know what the results of tomorrows bloods are. Even if everything is fine im going to see if i can get a scan as i still want to know the reason for the bleeding xxx
  • Hi, that's good news about your bloods. It is very worrying isn't it! I bled brown blood like yours from 5 weeks until about 11 weeks. I had a few scans and everything was fine but they never told me why I was bleeding. I am 28 weeks now with a healthy baby, so it does work out xxxx
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