Irratic movements

Hi everyone,

i have just read 'sad story' post and although the details have been removed, i kinda get the gist of what happened- i know this probably sounds like i read this now i'm getting parranoid but i'm not i'm just curious as to whether other people get similar movements or whether its something to tell the midwife about!!!

Sometimes the baby moves really fast - it feels like when you have a muscle spasm, doesnt do it for long, he's done it a handful of times and last for a minute or 2.
Anyone else get this?

Samantha 32wks


  • Yes I get it all the time was monitored a while ago for a different reason and the midwife said you've got a right wriggler in there havent you whilst there moving around there happy
  • I think the only time to be concerned is if you dont feel baby for long time. 99% thats fine but best to get monitored. Enjoy your last few months of pregnancy though and try not to ponder on the bad things too much.
    d xx
  • Hi Samantha,

    Mine is the same, sometimes it is like he is fighting to get out and other times just like he is stretching so don't worry - easier said than done I know! =)

    Liz xx
  • i've been such a worrier through this preg (had a miscarriage in Jan!!) so every little thing and i get histerical-start crying at work and everything- think they will be glad to see back of me next week!! (Go on maternity leave from next friday!!!!) wooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!! lol
    Thanks you have put my mind at rest!!
  • my daughter used to be a right wriggler, this one is more chilled out and i usually have to poke my belly to get the baby to move lol
  • In both my pregnancies I experianced this and was told it was hiccups.

    Kerry xxx
  • I'm 31+3 and Mine's been doing it all the time too espeially at night, I know how you feel samantha coz I've had 2 previous miscarriages too.x
  • well i'm 38+5 and must say i'm fed up of this little ones hiccups! she's been getting them for months and months now, and it feels like muscle spasms in my tum, or like she's kicking me every second. sometimes it goes on for half an hour! i find it happens mostly if i lie on my left hand side! try and see if you can spot some kind of pattern and it will put your mind at rest! X
  • Hi Samantha,

    I am sorry that I have caused you some concern. This was not my intention.. If you read the post you will see that I put she described them as what she could only describe as eratic movements but they were different to normal baby movements.... yes I do know that babies can move quite a bit I have had 2 already and they moved about a fair bit...

    I just wanted to say sorry for any concern but they were different movements, if oyu are worried then do speak to a mw they would be able to put your mind at rest.. she may eve be able tod ecribe the movements better than what I did

    Sorry hun x x x x
  • Don't worry Tigerfeet, i was wondering about these movements for a while but that just prompted me to ask you girls for advice.
    He had hiccups the other night for the first time and it felt very different to the 'irratic' movements i've had-sure its nothing just little one getting frustrated about having no room anymore i bet, although i have had sharp shooting pains for the past couple of days that come and go, they've gone at the min but think i will phone hosp for advice if it comes back!
  • Samantha - my baby can be erratic with his movements too, but try not to worry as this can distress the baby too (probably meaning more erratic movement - vicious cycle). I occasionally get a sharp shooting pain - mine is wind! Speak to your m/w however don't forget we still get other ailments completely unrelated too.
  • My baby has irratic movements too. When baby gets hiccups its af if hes frustrated with then and goes mad it makes me laugh. I read the sad post and i did worry a bit too but im fine now. Try not to worry xxxx
  • It is hard because we are looking after someone we can't see or hear and we rely on feelings alone. Late complications are so rare however, and voicing concerns with your m/w is always the most helpful resolution - remember she's seen many pregnancies and knows the signs to worry about.
  • Been having sharp pains since Tuesday, phoned hosp yesterday and she said prob just growing pains have some paracetamol-which i did and the pains continued and got alot worse last night and today-phoned them again tonight so i've been at hosp all evening monitoring him and he is fine little wriggler they said but he was actually calmer tonight than he normally is-little monster! so they sent me home with some co-codamol and said get some rest!!
    So at least i can stop worrying now!!!
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