hi my oh just discovered bits r missing to my crib, its 4 yrs old now n hauck wont help me find new parts, as this will b our last baby i dont really wanna get new crib wheni could use money on other items but my last bub was big so dont really wanna chance a moses basket incase bubs is squashed has anyone ever put a new born straight into a cotbed it seems too big a space to me, any thoughts ladies as im a bit clueless


  • This is my first, so have no experience myself but I'm sure I have read that it's fine to put them straight into a cot. The FSID advice is to use a cot in your bedroom, so it can't do any harm. I think it's just that a newborn will look a bit lost in it so most people choose not to.
  • thanks poz i just worried that it might roll over n get stuck in the bars as they say no bumpers until 12months
  • Millie went in her cot at 6 weeks as she hated her moses basket and we never had any problems, she actually seemed to like all the space!
  • Are you really not supposed to have bumpers until 12 months? my lo is going to be going straight into a cot bed in our bedroom.

  • TBH I wouldn't bother with the bumpers at all. Before 12 months they are supposed to be dangerous as they reduce the air flow and can cause over heating. After 12 months they are supposed to be dangerous as they can use them to climb out of the cot!
  • Ahhhh I c so it's a no win situation lol
    God being a parent is such a mine field image
  • thanks ladies thats that sorted xxxx
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