weight gain!!!

I was just interested to know how much weight everyone has put on so far.

I am 21 weeks almost and still haven't put on a pound even although i am eating healthier now and can't eat big meals anymore i have felt sick all the way through so far ( i was a bit overweight before so I am not worried) My little bump is starting to look like a baby bump now seems to have had a growrth spurt over the last two weeks.

just curious


  • hi, im glad im not the only one!
    im 36 weeks 2moro and have only put on two pounds yet my bump is massive!
    i was really sick up to week 27 and actually lost 2 stone (but im overweight anyway so could easily afford to lose that much). neither my midwife or consultant are concerned about the lack of weight gained, so im trying not to think about it. tne baby is growing well so its not like its anything im doing wrong, in fact im being induced at 38 weeks so she dont get too big!
    hope everything works out for you and try not to worry xxx
  • thank you I was beginning to think i was the only one too will find out on tuesday whether or not lo is growing properly getting my next scan and can't wait. I think i have had a bit of a growth spurt these last couple of weeks as i have a little bump now that is starting to look like a baby bump

    good luck for you
  • well you girls are lucky! ive put on 2 stone so far, im now 36+2 didnt have much on me b4 tho so i cud do with fatening up a little! x
  • I'm 25+4 and I've put on 10lb so far, my weight stayed the same for the past month though, but my jeans have got looser on the legs and tighter round the bump which is weird.x
  • Hi guys, emma im sorry to burst your bubble but i only gained 6 pounds up until week 27 and then in 4 weeks i gained over a stone! I thought i was getting away light with hardly any weight gain and then it piled on and it was nearly worse as im now covered in stretch-marks due to the speedy increase. I hope you get lucky and dont gain too much too quickly. x
    Diane. 35+2
  • All my friends think it's going to come to a point where i will just pile the weight on. Hopefully i won't pile too much on.

    good luck
  • hi, it sounds like yous all are pretty luck i'm 24+6 and so far i've put on just under 2 stone but i don't care coz ive only put in on my bump and boobs lol x
  • Think I'm bout 2 stone too at 31 +5, but don't really know what I was before... x
  • I'm also 21 weeks and have put on about 6-7lb so far. It's all bump and I'm still a size 10 everywhere else thank goodness - let's hope it stays that way :lol:
  • I'm 38 weeks and have put on 3 stone and have really not been eating that much image
    Haven't got any stretch marks though.... weird!
  • I have put on my first 2lb this week at just over 23 weeks hope i haven't started a new trend till the birth, may just be because i haven't been swimming this week been too busy had workmen doing my house.
  • im due to be induced next week and have still only put on 2lbs. gonna be induced early as they reckon bump will weigh about 10 - 11 lbs. Got a massive bump (15.5 sheets) so god knows whats going on. Havent got any stretch marks either so cant really complain x
  • In my first pregnancy I put on 2 1/2 stone, in my second pregnancy I put on weight steadily until the lst 5 weeks where I started to lose weight, I wasnt that worried as was over weight anyways, but in the lst week I put on a whopping 7kg... yes I was gobsmacked as nothing had changed in my diet or exercise routine etc... in this pregnancy my weight has been fluctuating... I lose half a stone then I put it back on again and has been like this for the past 15 weeks but at week 16 although I was still going up and down it wasnt as steap so dont really know how much I have put on this time.. could say a few stone but lost it again...lol... I didnt mention this to my midwife at 13 weeks but she just shrugged it off and didnt even answer the concerns I had about it...

    I have a baby bump now and realise that LO is starting to grow rapidly so wondering what weight I will be in couple of weeks...

    Good luck to you all except those lucky so and sos that have only put on 2lbs throught their pregnancy.... ( only joking all the best to everyone)

    Lisa x


  • My 1st pregnancy I put on about 2.5 stone, 2nd pregnancy 4.5 stone!!!! and this time I've put on 3 stone at 36+4. I only put on about 7lbs until about 20 weeks then about 2lb a week up until now. It doesnt bother me now as I know I'll lose it afterwards and most of the weight is due to over eating after giving up smoking so rather not smoke and put the weight on.
  • I'm 28+3 and have put on 15lb so far, but it its literally all bump.x
  • In total I have put on 3 stone and am 10 days overdue today. I weighed myself yesterday. I lost 11lbs thru morning sickness at the start then nothing til about 28 weeks, then bang, it went on fast. Then for the last 8 weeks I have only gained 5lb. So, all over the place really!
  • im 13wk and put on about half stone already!
    i totaly blame whoever decided to bring back wispas,lol
  • That 2lb I put on a couple of weeks ago I lost it agaim last week so weight still stands at no weight put on yet at 24 weeks plus 4 days.
  • I'm nearly 14 weeks and have lost 9 pounds. I stopped being sick at 11 weeks but I'm still losing weight because my eating habits are a bit weird and I've gone off certain things like fizzy pop which I'm sure puts the weight on! xxx
  • I am now 34+2 and have put 6lb on in four weeks If i am wearing something baggy people still can't tell that i am pregnant. I know lo is there though had an ante-natal on christmas eve at 33+5 and it's now measuring 35cm fundal height she didn't let me listen to heartbeat this time she used that other metal thing to listen.
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