when shall i start packing my hospital bag im nearly 32wks.my 1st was 2weeks l8 so im not sure wether to leave it couple weeks or start it now.just incase

abbie,hope+bluebump 31wk+4


  • i would recommend starting it now or as soon as possible, just becuase ur last baby was late doesnt mean this one will be and its best to be prepared, if you leave it late you may find that you can stressed as everything is not yet ready. i think i packed mine at around 30 weeks but id repack it on several occasions, just making sure i hadnt forgot anything lol.
    take care xxx
  • hi im few days behind you !! i have packed mine same as hannah i have repacked it twice !!! just handy to know its done plus oh has put the car seat base unit in the car ready to........ think he worrys more than me!! still 9 weeks as yet !!!
  • Hi
    I asked this question in the due date forum...but not due til June, so have plenty of time! I am going to do a list of what i need to get & aim to have it ready by about 30ish weeks!
    Sarah xx
  • Hi! I packed my bag at 30 wks cos I had first baby 3 weeks early, so thought I be prepared this time round. Typically, I haven't gone into early labour this time and I'm now 38+4 weeks and ready and waiting. XXX
  • hi,
    its probably best to start packing now. at least if you go in early you wont be worried that you have forgotten something!
    People have told me to pack two bags... one for labour, and one for afterwards with your baby stuff and clothes etc. x
  • I agree with the others I would start packing it now so its all ready. I plan on packing mine at about 30wks.
  • not started packing yet, thinking baout it some of the stuff that's on the list we haven't even bought! hmmmmmmmmm... think i should be a bit more organised, baby stuff is all bought & ready to be sorted it's just mums stuff!!! lol


  • i started packing mine at 28weeks i still have a few bits and bobs to put in, and babys is ready, i packed early because my daughter was born at 38weeks and my bag wasnt ready lol. id rather get it out of the way.


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