Im poorly

I woke up today feeling really lousy. I have caught a cold and I feel dreadful. I feel really weak whenever I stand up and my morning sickness has come back. I have taken some paracetemol even tho I dont like to do so but my head felt like it was going to explode. Can I use that forehead stuff?
I feel like I need some energy is lucozade ok to drink during pregnancy? what about inhaling vicks in hot water with a towel over my head?

Thanks ladys x


  • I don't know about the forehead stuff but the rest is ok.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump 25+4
    X X X
  • Oh hun you sound like me as well I am stuck at home ill. I really hope you feel better.i had the head ache from hell this morning I could not move till about 11.

    I used that 4 head stick thing and is does really really help.

    K xx
  • I'll give it a try now. Its so much harder getting colds when your pregnant since you cant take anything.I have to keep eating otherwise my morning sickness comes back with a vengence but I can hardly get myself off the sofa.

    Hope your feeling better soon K-lou.

  • I can sympathise, I came down with the cold Thursday evening and its only today that I have begun to feel a bit better thanks to my nose finally clearing enough to let me sleep last night !
    The 4head stuff and vicks is all fine babes.

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