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strange strange craving??

has anyone had this before?
i really want to suck and bite a bath sponge ? lol for a couple of weeks and ive been doing it to my daughters but ive just sent oh out to buy a sponge especially lol
how strange???
Lisa 33+4


  • my friend recently had a craving for wet flannels. very strange indeed but it's normal for a pregnant woman! i've had none of these sorts of cravings and i feel like i'm missing out lol.
  • i almost ate a massive dollop of vasaline a few months ago before my husband stopped me, I knew it would be horrible but i really wanted to put it in my mouth!
    I'm sure i read somewhere that a pregnant woman got arrested because she had an overwhelming urge to drive erratically but i might have imagined it.

    32 weeks today!
  • Lol. Just had to reply to this post

    When I was pregnant with my daughter I craved dirt (yuk!)
    I used to buy new potatoes, not to boil, but to lick and smell the dirt lol.

    I also loved the smell of building sites and the smell of rubble and in our local high street some builders were doing some work on a shop. They used to let me stand in the door way of the shop just so I could have a sniff lol

    bm xx
  • I really really REALLY want to lick chalk! Had to stop myself at DD's toddler group the other day.

    Serena 34+2
  • lol im not the only mad one then
  • Craving non food substances is called Pica. It's recommended you get it checked out.
  • i was just going to say the same as shoyu it can be dangerous because as we all know a craving is something u cant control and some people have been known to do things like drink petrol and eat chalk etc because of this pica xxx
  • is it still pica if i dont want to eat it i just want to suck it and bite it but not actually chew and swallow?
  • In the early stages I wanted to suck really cold wet flannels

    In the last week or so I have wanted to spray the kitchen cleaner in my mouth. Obviously I haven't but the urge is there.

    I have told hubby that he has to do the cleaning now so that I don't smell it and get the urge.

  • I don't think its odd at all!I have this "craving" ALL the time and not just in pregnancy infact when I was a kid I was in halfords and actually picked up a car cleaning sponge and licked it!I love it so much!haha Yes I'm weird and hubby thinks I'm insane but I don't care. This last week I have craved them more and even brought myself a new sponge in ASDA yesterday!x
  • my freinds mum used to suck the water out of sponges!! i dont see how it can do any harm if u dont actuallyu eatt the sponge! x
  • With my first I had a craving for the smell of dust between floorboards or new carpet towards the end, this time round I really crave the smell of fumes like petrol fumes. I went to a Machine Mart with my OH yesterday, and the smell in there was like heaven!!! x
  • I was chatting to a friend the other day who said she used to crave chewing rubber bands with both her pregnancys!
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