Oh deary me booked my wedding

My baby will be 6 months old! We are getting married in Mauritius as OH family are from South Africa and mine are from UK, so we decided one set would have to travel, so now both do and both get a lovely holiday out of it.

I am absolutely terrified of still being a big heffer on my wedding day, do you think 6 months is enough to lose baby weight and actually look good? I am quite a motivated person. I am a curvy size 14 which I am fine with as i am 5'9" but would like to be a 12 on wedding day.

The thing is you dont know how much baby weight you are going to gain (this is my first)..........

I know this is a waffle of a thread but I am writing out loud!!


  • It can be possible, depending if you breastfeed or not. I lost all my weight and more in about 9months last time x~x
    fiona 17+1
  • Hi no matter what i bet you will look stunning on your wedding day and i wouldn't worry about it too much. I went to Aquaaerobics when i as pregnant with my first and it done wonders.
  • Ooooh Aqua aerobics good idea, does it have to be a pregnancy one or can you go to a normal one?
  • I went to a normal class and told the instructor i was pregnant. I done it right up until 3 weeks before baby cme there are a few exercises you cant do but when others done that my instructor told my exactly how to tighten my pelvis which was also great too. Its really comfortable as your doing it in water and no after morning aches and pains image
  • Oh wow - congrats hun. Big year for you coming up!! Yeah, I'm sure if you are commited you can loose the weight. x
  • Congratulations on setting your wedding date - You should be so excited, new baby and then your wedding!! I go to an aqaunatal class which is really good. I would try and not worry about your weight too much, your body is doing what it should be doing and I'm sure you'll look fab on your wedding day. Remember your OH loves you the way you are, don't try and be someone different on your wedding day.
    Good luck and have fun making your arrangements
  • Thanks pumbacat - that is so true x
  • Yay congratulations on booking your wedding. And what a fab place to get married in! You'll look stunning hun no matter what! X
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