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Pregnant again, the mum whose 13 other babies were taken...

Look at this!

And so many women struggle to even get pregnant once. Unbelievable!


  • Why am I not surprised they are on benefits???
    Maybe they should look into buying a TV rather than making babies

    Like you said Amanda, so many women can't have kids yet here she is shelling them like peas!!! xx
  • Check out the interview she had with the Sun reporter - today Page 12!

    Interviewer - people say you are a sl*g and you and your boyfriend are living off the sweat of the rest of us
    Theresa - Thats their opinion, i dont care what people say about me, I'm sticking up for my rights.

    This makes me so ANGRY I cannot explain! Actually shows very clearly what is wrong with this country.

    She also said she cant work as she is a registered disabled due to a bad back - maybe something to do with the fact she has been pregnant every years for 14 years or so - maybe she should give her body a break and contribute to society!

    My OH and I are struggling - well not massively but worrying about money is a big factor in our lives, we both work 12 hour days and reasonably good money but once I go onto the "maternity benefits" which she will get the same I will seriously struggle - yet I have been working my buts off for over 10 years paying tax for me to get the same as her - makes you wonder why we bother!

    Sorry Rant over!


    21+1 x
  • take me with a pinch of salt, but......

    You need a licence for a TV, you get vetted to adopt a dog (and used to need a licence) and yet its ok for anyone to have as many children as they want regardless of capability or finance! I honestly believe that there should be some kind of competency test for people to have children! Nothing too over board but just enough to weed out the benefit abusers and council flat hunters, those that think its ok to go on holiday and leave young children home alone, abusers, fast food feeders (were talking every meal here) and the rest of the ignorant parenting skills that are too many to list.

    In a round about (and very mild way) I think China have the basis of a good idea, I don't think a family should be limited to just one, but I do think if your going to have a huge family you should be able to support them and not rely on the rest of the country to do it for you, but then I guess where would you draw the line? Would it be ok for someone on benefits to plan to have a child with no means of self support? I guess its a big issue and I am no politician, but it really does make me wonder how bringing children in to this world can go without consideration.

    I, like all the mums I have met on here have considered our babies, born and unborn, the future we can give them, their well being, etc The simple fact that were on here shows our interest, why are women with no interest being allowed to ruin the lives of their children and so little is done about it in this country...its very sad.

    As I say, take me with a pinch of salt, if I was prime minster, I probably wouldn't try and bring in 'baby licences' but it does infuriate me these mums that pop out kids for fun when the rest of us have struggled to get there and/or will work hard in turning them in to adults x x x x
  • Curlygal - I totally agree with your post.

    I have been working since I was 14, as has hubby. I have put myself through university, whilst still working, and have never had a hand out. Yet, we still struggle with money every day. We argue about the fact that we dont have any money. Hubby works 14 hours a day as a chef, and he works bloody hard, and cant take paternity leave because we wouldnt be able to cope on ??90 a week paternity while im on maternity.

    Yet, these people have taken millions of tax payers money in looking after themselves and having their children bought up by others. Yet, they wouldnt go to public parenting classes to help social services believe they would be able to bring up this child properly because they didnt want to explain themselves to people!? How many papers have they been in!?

    It makes me so angry!

    Oh, and about the licenses - we wanted a cat and were going to adopt but they wouldnt let us because we live in a town, by a road! Its stupid how this country works sometimes!
  • take me with a pinch of salt, but......

    You need a licence for a TV, you get vetted to adopt a dog (and used to need a licence) and yet its ok for anyone to have as many children as they want regardless of capability or finance! I honestly believe that there should be some kind of competency test for people to have children! Nothing too over board but just enough to weed out the benefit abusers and council flat hunters, those that think its ok to go on holiday and leave young children home alone, abusers, fast food feeders (were talking every meal here) and the rest of the ignorant parenting skills that are too many to list.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
    Summed up in one simple quote

  • gemmie - lets run for government! whoo hooo!

    We are the same - OH is going to take 1 weeks paternity and the rest will be as holiday as we also cannot afford the paternity either!

    happyjadsgirl - i agree with you too, oh and I have planned carefully, wanting to make sure our son is bought up correctly, in the right area around the right people with the best we can give him.

    On a serious note - do you think this country will ever change or is this the start of things to come? Other people like them - young teenage girls/boys may look up to them thinking they are role models and there goes the next generation?

  • It just seems so unfair. The harder you work, the harder it is. Id love to run for government with you! lol!

    I dont know what will happen in the future. They talk about human rights, but what about the rights of these children she keeps having?? Some of them are seriously ill as she has a faulty gene she keeps passing to them. As a teacher, I try my hardest to teach children about having children but with people like this its difficult to see how things will change.
  • Gives me even more reason to leave this country to give my child/children a better life elsewhere! No benefit to being an honest, british, tax payer anymore!

  • I think our government would be amazing!

    I don't think the country will change, I was going to say at least until something dramatic happens to change it, but then, how many more dramatic events do we need, Baby P, this woman, its already out of hand. I do believe that our country is a lot better than most, at least here we rage about things like this and its made the news (jeez I hope they weren't paid for their interview!!) where is a lot of european countries this would be covered up or worse still go un-noticed. Things need to change in a big way, but I hold out hope that they wont get worse at least. With things like university becoming more accessible, surely there will be more educated people able to make good decisions, not less?

    As I type this, I dont even hold much hope in my own faith! I want to leave the country in the next few years to get away from our decaying system and poor schooling! (what a hypocrite, eh?! At least I realised! lol) My brother in law has been living in Denmark and says that the value of life is much higher there, that the government is superior but then they pay 60% tax on earnings!

    I have to say, that I live in Southwark, which is the poorest borough in London with the highest crimes rate, when I say that every second person on our main high street should be in the same news report as this woman, its no exaggeration - but then I have lived in this area for the majority of my life, I grew up here and I have to say, this is the way its always been, where there is extreme poverty, you will get these kinds of people, so in the last 30 yrs they have done not much to remedy it, so whats to say it will ever change. I think if anything, the reason this has got worse is how stretched our country has become by the amount of help it now gives to immigrants - they head the lists for housing and are given benefits - In our local job center I have witnessed people applying for job seekers allowance that need an interpreter - I don't need to explain why this infuriates me!

    Perhaps we should start some kind of political activist group and see if we can't start a mums style may day riot!! lol Dummies being thrown from prams, spilt milk everywhere!
  • I agree with what all you girls are saying but struggle to see how you can change the mentality of the woman and her partner.

    I feel sorry for her social worker, her family and most of all those 14 children that will not only grow up with no stability but in an overstreched and in some places failing social care system. What chances will they have in future? Who's to say that the children she has given birth to will have the same mentality and have another 8 kids each - The thought sends shivers down my spine.

    I fell pregnant at 21 with my son and it was the best suprise of my life, it was really hard work for my partner (now husband) to save for a house and build a life for us. We have since both put ourselves through college and university and have good jobs, wh have saved up enough money to get married and then saved again to enable us to have another addition to our family - it has taken us almost 10 years! When i retire after paying into the system since I was 17 I will not even be entitled to the same pension as those two, it stinks!

    Oh dear it has turned into a bit of a rant!

    Those poor children.
  • Hubby and I were discussing this lastnight. I agree with all you girls. It's just sick. Hubby and I both work full time and manage to get by but we're gonna have to compromise a lot when I go on maternity leave as I'll get just the basic SMP. Yet I know people who have got 3 or 4 kids, living in a council house, earning more of an income with benefits than some people do working and living without a care in the world. It's really upsetting sometimes. Like for e.g one of my neighbours was telling me about the sure start maternity grant of 500 which she's got, yet i'm struggling but just because we have our own house and both work, we're not entitled to it even though we're probably financially we're worse off than them.
  • OMG 1st time - glad you bought up the maternity grant - why are there 2 different amounts?!?!

  • The ??190 is for EVERY pregnant woman who is cared for by NHS services. You can apply for it at 25 weeks pregnant by getting your mw to fill the form in for you.

    The ??500 is for 'low income families' but it is only based on income. It doesnt take into account disposable income, if that makes sense. The ??500 is worth applying for, and you will get it if you are on the higher rate of child tax credits (over ??1000 a year). Im going to apply but I dont think we will get it.

    This country does infuriate me as many people who dont work and have no intention of doing so, (and I dont mean everyone here), are often treated better that those who work their backsides off. I work because I want to teach my children that this is the way things should be, and I couldnt afford not to if I want to keep my house and not live in a council house, which I dont want to do as I love my house.

    The system isnt fair, but it could be worse!!
  • i coouldn't believe this story when i read this, shes obviously too selfish to even consider stopping having children for their sake. when these kids grow up they will be seperated from all their siblings, and most probably feel rejected amongst other things. the reason she has a bad back is cause shes spent years on it!!! and these people who have babys for council houses why would anyone bother our council is rubbish where i live. as being quite young myself 19 soon to be 20 me and my partner have worked since leaving school and i wont be entitled to the 500 maternity grant wich i think is unfair everyone should get it just like everyone gets the 190 pound. in my opinion they should bring out compulsory sterilisation, the government lecture us about these types of things like abusive parents, neglect etc and they just let them pop out children, they make no sense what so ever, and seriously need to re-think their strategies for this country! and if these two really were caring loving parents they would be doing everything possible to show SS they have changed not having interview with papers (wich i assumed they got paid for) puffing away on fags. sorry for the long rant lol x
  • My point is, that once I am on SMP I am taking the same income as any other person who may have got ??500 grant? Baby's things all cost the same so why dont we all get the same - still doesnt seem fair!

  • I know hun, it's really not fair. It seems that those who are on benefits keep getting more and more benefits if they have more children! It doesn't exactly give them any incentive to stop and try and find work!

    But about the 500 grant, I looked into it and you only get it if you're already getting child tax credit at a higher amount (more than 1000 per year) or if you're on income support/job seekers or other benefits. They don't take into consideration women like us who have worked and paid our taxes for years.
  • and have poop loads of outgoings already!

  • this kind of selfish story meakes me so angry!!! she should have been sterilised when her first lot of kids was taken away, i hope when this poor LO is born that they will!!!!
  • i think to have children for benefits/cheap housing is morally wrong you should have children becasue you want a family and have the love and support to give that child a life they deserve. if they give EVERYONE the HIP grant then surely they should do the same with the ??500? at my midwife appt even my OH said why do even rich well off people get the ??190 but the struggling working people dont get the ??500? beyond me.

    the benefits are there to help people and i dont disagree with anyone using them as i know i will be using one or two when my baby is born i.e tax credits and what not but its when people do it over and over and really take the mick out of the system and fair anough maybe she cannot work but why cant her husband? all very confusing and annoying.
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