only got 11 weeks to go!!!!

i am 29 weeks tomorrow and baby bump measures 29cm I am not feeling too bad at minute but that still changes everyday. My baby is breech at the momment and has it feels like it has it's head permanently wedged in my ribcage left hand side. (OOOOWWWWIIEEEE!!!!) And it's feet wedged on my bladder I am visiting the loo every five minutes inluding during the night.

I am not sleepimg very well at minute but not because i am uncomfortable it's bacause i am just laided awake sometimes with haertburn thinking about stuff in general.

I OH says that if it doesn't turn that he will perform C -section with a pizza cutter. (nice I hope he is joking) I am going to use my long nails on his back when i am in labour If he doesn't break them all between now and feb. I have broken 3 nails in three days but I have time to grow them again.

good luck every one.

Hope i don't make you all jealous I am 29 weeks and still have not put any weight on at all!!!!!
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