pregnancy ticker

i have a pregnancy ticker, but i dont know how to put it on my posts.
can anyone help me?


  • hi

    u have to copy the link that starts and ends with and paste on to ur posts, unfortunately there is no way of making it permenant so u do have to copy and paste it each time


  • that is going to get rather annoying.
    does the ticker update aswell, or do you have to do that again also?

  • it is a bit pants yes lol. what i do is have a separate page open (like a word document or something) and have copy and pasted it to there, then just repaste from there on to here each time. it does update automatically tho so u don't have to worry about that, once u've set it up it'll keep 'ticking' so to speak and ur 'weeks pregnant' will change day by day, not necessarily at midnight tho, mine seems to update at 4.30am lol


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