Early scan today

Hi girls,

I have a scan at babybond today and i'm a bit concerned. I have already has 2 scans at the hospital, one at 6+2 and the other at 7+2 due to bleeding and brown discharge. The bleeding was due to a bleed in the uterus.

I was so happy the other day as it had all stopped and we heard the heartbeat on the doppler, then last night the brown discharge came back.

I'm so worried they are going to give me bad news.

Sarah x x


  • What time is the scan? It will be fine, was your babies HB nice and strong? good luck let us knnow how you get on x

  • it's not until 4pm!!

    The HB was quite strong but then it moved after a bit and i couldn't find it again. I've been told that it's quite hard to hear it at 9 weeks though!!

    Sarah xx
  • Not long now................. eeeeeeek come straight back on here later and tell us everything hehe xxx

  • hi hun just to put ya mind at ease i had fresh bleed at about 5weekish then brown discharge all day and night till about 8half weeks i was worried sick and have history of mc so really thought it was over but im now over 15weeks and feel more relaxed.good luck today hun. x

  • Hi girls,

    Just got back from the scan and the little bean is still there. It was moving around and has a strong HB, the sonographer said i have something called a subchronic hematoma under the sac, which could cause more bleeding.

    Thought i was 10 weeks tomorrow but turns out im 8+5!!

    Sarah xx
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