im in my 27th week now and im feeling the hormones kick in i think.

the slightest thing is pissin me off (fag ends down the loo!!!!!!!!!!!! :evilimage i have to have all the windows in the house open, even in this weather! i just feel agitated (sp) and am better on my own for a while.

i hate feeling like this cos its so not me and everything usually goes over my head.

anyone else in the same boat?



  • I'm in 16th week and instead of angry i feel depressed! I hate hormones!!!!!!! I hope you feel better soon and when you start feeling angry turn away sit down for 5 mins then tackle situation again! But fag butts down the loo is very annoying!
  • I am the same, I always feel really guilty though afterwards. Starting to snap at work too, hope I can get over it so I can keep my job!

  • Well girls I don't feel snappy at the moment just very tearful and insecure. Keep asking oh if he loves me all the time and if he is the slightest bit off with me I cry! I know that he does and that its just hormones but still gets me annoyed!
    Tammi xxx

  • Hell yeah I'm feelin' ya Kell2.
    I'm 30 weeks and had a full blown temper tantrum in a very packed Asda today which resulted in me throwing a nighty at my OH....I knew people were looking at me but I was sooo angry I didn't care!!! By the time we got to the checkout I was breathing so heavily as I could feel the anger building back up as my OH was packing the bags all wrong!!!! I seriously could feel myself getting angry, it was horrible. I cried all the way home.....I've told all my family and friends as I was soo ashamed of my behaviour!!!!
    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I'm 30wks and think that I havent been that bad as of yet (my oh would disagree though) except for earlier this when I had a go at my oh for not helping me on the lap top.( we've been having a few probs and needed to call sky. as everthing is in my name I have to do all phoning to give my details and passwords) as Im not technical minded I asked him to speak to them when they start giving advice to which he said no. I then began shouting at him saying that he doent help me and I dont know what to do. I then burst into tears not because he wouldnt help me but because I got upset in the first place over a stupid thing. The more I was crying the more upset I became. We did have a laugh after I calm down. Luckily we were not on the phone to sky at the time.

  • Katie - that was too funny with the nightie!!!

    I asked my oh if he thought I was hormonal and he said 'er yeah, even more so than normal'!!! I've always been quite highly strung but now the slightest thing makes me cry and get angry!

    This morning I got up and my dh had turned the heating off last night, so it was freezing this morning (haven't got proper heating yet as we are in the middle of a major build). I stropped off around the house making my presence very well known and then dissolved into tears!

    Hissy fit central round here I'm afraid!

  • Lol, we are a right irrational lot arent we? Hope your builders hurry up Karen, they might be a bit quicker if they feel you might bash them in with their own tools!

  • Yeah, or just release my hormones on them!!! Might use the tools on my dh tho.....
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