Colostrum Question

Hi Guys

I'm currently 24 weeks but have been leaking colostrum since approx 19 weeks, I've had to start wearing breast pads and everything! Just wondering whether anyone else is experiencing an orange tinge to it or whether I should mention this to my midwife when I see her on the 3rd?!


Cate x


  • Hi,

    I've not had it yet but I have read that it can have an orange tinge to it so I wouldn't panic too much.

    Liz x 40+1
  • I wouldn't worry about it like Liz says but if you are seeing your midwife anyway you may as well mention it and then she can set your mind at rest.
  • hi i am 20 weeks and i wouldnt say mine leaks as such (i dont need pads or anything yet) but sometimes i have a beigey colour stuff on nipples which i notice in bath.havent heard anything about orange but im sure that must be normal.
  • I'm with you I'm afraid- this is my third pregnancy and with each have had to wear breast pads from around 18-20 weeks- they are soooo annoying!!!

    I wouldn't worry if its a bit yellow or orange this is normal also sometimes it can have a funny smell to it. Just one of the pleasures!!! I have 11 days left and I can't WAIT to have this baby and get rid of this milk!!! I want my body back
  • Hiya - just to say that although I didn't leak much before baby was due, when he arrived and was feeding Colostrum his puke (which often ended up down my back) was a bright yellow/Orange for days. Funny, I'd completely forgotten about that til I'd read your post!!
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