fetal heart monitors??????


i know this has prob been asked a million times before but just wondered which was the best sort to buy as im 9 weeks now and have heard that some monitors can pick up babys heart beat from 12 weeks so was thinking about getting one off ebay


emma xx


  • Hi I have an angel sounds from ebay and have heard heart beat from 15 weeks, you have to use gel, but its very good and has set my mind at rest lots of times x

    27 weeks 1day
  • I've got an Angel sounds one too and can still only hear the placenta and my own heartbeat. I'm 17+5. S x
  • Doh, maybe your baby is in an awkward place? I had to press firmly really far down nearish to my minnie and the heartbeat was always down there. Dont know if you have already tried that Suz?
  • Trust me I've tried everything. I usually have a go every night when I get home from work. The mw couldn't find it last week but a Dr managed to hear it this week so I'm not worrying too much.
    I think the doppler is just struggling to hear through my big fat tummy, lol ! Suz x
  • I've got an angel sounds one and just use coco butter or my bio oil (simply to make it move easier). I heard it from about 12 weeks on and it was really far down by my pubic hair line up until about three weeks ago and now its to the left of my belly button.
    Like jmp, it has certainly put my mind at rest a number of times.
    I did pick up my own heartbeat for a few days to start with but actually put it on my left breast and using the countdown clock on my mobile phone, I counted the number of beats per minute.
    Then I did the same low down and so could distinguish between my own and lo's (which is a lot faster!).
    Hope that helps. Oh, and I got mine from ebay too!

    Rachel. 28wks. xx
  • I have a hi-bebe doppler that i rent for ??22 a month. I got it at around 13 weeks and its never failed. Took me about 10 minutes to get it to begin with and sometimes she hides but i always find her in the end image

    I used it loads to start with to reassure me but now im 22+2 and just use it once or twice a week.

    Try pressing firm around your bikini line.

  • I'm really fed up with mine. I've got an infant summer one and a bebesounds one and I cant find the heartbeat with either of them. The summer one I should be able to use from 20 weeks, I'm now 21 and cant find it and the bebesounds one I should be able to use from 12 weeks and I still cant find it! Does anyone know if this could be because of my placenta being anterior?
  • I've got an angelsounds from ebay and I wouldn't be without it. I got it at 16 weeks and could hear the hb straight away. Its quite low down, I need to be lying down and have to push in quite hard but its always there. Carleybarley, I think that will be one of the reasons you can't hear but not 100% sure.
  • I had angelsounds and it was fab! works from 12 weeks, my friend found her baby at 11 but i wated til 15 when i heard it at the midwife's first
  • i've got the Sonotrax Fetal Doppler and it is the same as what the mw uses, it is fab! I got it today and within a couple of minutes i found the heartbeat and the LCD screen tells the bpm, highly recommend!

    ??59 inc p&p, not the cheapest but there is none of the "was that the heartbeat or not" and it seems to keep it's value when you want to sell it afterwards.


    I have the summers heart to heart listening system which i used with my son but you can't hear the heartbeat until later on and it is really faint. I enjoyed using it to hear the kicks though.



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