Getting Impatient

Hi Mummies,
This is gona sound really stupid coz i still have such a long way to go, but im getting so impatient now and im so ready to not be pregnant anymore. In terms of been prepared for baby (IM NOT) iv got hardly any clothes, my labour bag hasnt even been thought about and im having builders starting on mon 19th who will be around for 4 wks fitting a new kitchen and bathroom. I dnt know wats wrong with me im just after a lil excitement or something, i havent even bin getting any braxton hicks. I know that i dnt really want my baby to be here now coz its way to early but i also dnt think i can cope with another 6wks and 5days of been pregnant. Please tell me im not the only one feeling like this. Kerry xxx


  • Yeah i defo agree been pregnant for the later part of 2007 and then all of 2008 has made it seem like iv bin pregnant for such a long time. I think if i do ever decide to have any more children ill plan it a little better and have a november baby, then i will have only bin pregnant over one year and not two, and wnt miss out on any xmas drinking, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • I'm feeling ya girls....I know I have only 14 days to go but that feels as far away as day 1 of midwife says they will let me go the whole 2 weeks over so could be a month to go yet ( I hope for the sake of my OH and family I don't go overdue!!!)

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I feel for you guys because although I have started to feel a bit sore and generally 'heavy' now, so far the pregnancy has absolutely flown by and I can't belive we conceived in October last year! Seems ages ago as you say but it has flown by for me and I haven't really felt pregnant up until now!
    Even with the back and pelvic pain and weeing constantly though, I still can't quite believe it and imagine that in just over 8 weeks I may be holding my very own baby!
    In contrast to you Kerry, everything here is done, even down to 3 months supply of nappies and the isofix base is in my car!! Material wise we are so ready but emotionally, I'm not!
    How bizarre hey?!
    Hope you feel more positive in a week or two when you realise how close it really is and that it goes a bit quicker for you both now.

    31+2. xx
  • I am actually not minding the actual pregnancy bit, but still want to meet my LO, seems like its been one thing after another, moved house last June, married August, honeymoon, Vegas in October got up duff, Christmas, Birthday in feb, moved house in April this year(again) and now just twiddling my thumbs! I will end up spending a fortune if baby doesnt hurry up and come out as I keep buying things to make it feel real!

    Dieing for a big glass of red wine aswell!
  • Cheers Mrs E, i think once i finish uni officially next week, and then finish work on 30th may and finally get my bag packed i will probably feel alot better. And i know the feeling Katiemac about going over, coz i went 10days over with my son but i know i wnt be allowed to this time coz i previously had a section im not allowed to be induce and might possibly have an early section this time round, will know for defo tho on 9th june (but even that seems so far away, ahhh). Kerry xxx

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