CM - normal in early pregnancy?? (sorry TMI)

hello ladies
ok it says something when you are sat writing about your down-below moisture levels to 'strangers' on the internet! but i was wondering whether it is normal to have more CM than normal in early pregnancy??
i am 8 + 3 and have noticed the past week or so (maybe even before that) that i have a lot more CM than i would normally have. you know when you get that 'wet' feeling? and i have to say sometimes i panic it could be blood, but it hasn't been so far (touch wood), just clear or perhaps sometimes very slightly creamy. so i was just wondering if other people had this and if it's normal or not?



  • Hi there!

    Don't worry - it is perfectly normal, and does feel a bit odd at times! U may notice that some days it is heavier than others - and I found in my 1st pregnancy (my 'baby' will be a year old in a week!) it does increase as you go along. It might help to wear some pantie liners?

    You look forward to being pregnant - but you can never quite expect what your body changes are during the pregnancy!!

    Have a happy, healthy pregnancy xx
  • Yes!! Dont worry it's prefectly normal and it continues throughout your whole pregnancy, lovely eh! image

    I worried at 1st too as id sudddenly feel 'wet' lol id run to loo thinking i was bleeding but it wasnt, just loadsa CM! :lol:

    Take Care
    Sharon x

  • oh thanks ladies, you have reassured me! wasnt sure if i was a freak of nature or maybe something wrong!

    wishing you both all the best too

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