When to tell people?

I was wondering does anyone have any views on when to tell people the news that you are pregnant? I think its very individual but I was interested in some views. We had IVF and have just been for an 8 week scan, which showed a normal heartbeat and write size etc. Should we wait until 12+ weeks? I'm just keen to tell my mum as new year surprise!

Happy new year to you all!;\)


  • I told my mum and dad and husbands parents as soon as we found out at 6 weeks but kept it quiet from everyone else until the 12 weeks scan. I's a personal preference but I'm sure your mum would be over the moon if you told her.
  • Its a very personal choice honey, i was never able to keep it quiet and told everybody within a week of knowing! However others prefer to wait until 12 weeks after they've had the scan and seen everything is ok. If you want to tell your Mum then tell her! I'm sure she'll be delighted, and as you say, what a lovely new years surprise!
    Congrats on your pregnancy xxx
  • If I were you I'd be happy to tell now as the scan went well. I told straight away on my other 2 but on my son's 12 week scan we were told there may be a serious abnormality (thank God there wasn't!) and I HATED everyone knowing and being sympathetic. So we're keeping schtum on this one,but it's hard!!

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