From going to doc to getting scan date?

I went to the doctors to confirm my scan date last Monday, i've not heard anything yet, does it take a while? I was expecting to get my prescription card thing at least so I can take to my dentist..............


  • It took my doctor a few weeks to sort it all, think they have a lot of paperwork n stuff. Once I got my prescription card, I had my appointment date through the post next day and the appointment was for the following week.

    Hope that helps, image
  • my doctor didn't do anything - he said to see the mw in practice.
    i saw her xmas eve and got the letter for my scan through on 2nd jan - scan is tomorrow!!
    still not had my card through for prescriptions - mw said that she forgot to do it!!

    Seems like its different in every area.

  • After my first app with MW I was sent for a dating scan about 10 days later, I had my exemption card sent through about 5 days after this (they had to wait for my edd from scan as due to PCOS we had nothing else to go from!)

    Think it just depends on the area, I was living in Cumbria at the time and it's not very busy there!

  • I just got it!!! woo hoo first scan 23rd march xx
  • I went to see the doc on the 6th january I then had to register with the midwife at the reception desk she then rang and made arangements to see me to get all my details for the day after then I hav e only just got mine through for a week on fri I think it depends on the estimated date your midwife gives you
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