Worried about Sister

Im worried about my sister, I saw her yesterday and she told me something (she hasnt told anyone else)

Im not sure where to start to be honest, she had a baby on the 1st March this year and she has a little girl as well who's 5. Anyway, she said how she'd taken a pregnancy test-it was negative but she'd had a bit of a scare.
She says she's been feeling sick and that its just like morning sickness, sorry im gunna go into detail now. She said it was just bile she was bringing up but then she'd feel fine a few hours later-which apparently is what her morning sickness was like, my morning sickness was completely differnt though-Id eat something spend 5-30 min feeling awful and bringing it up and then feel absolutly fine and ready to eat something else.
The thing is, she isnt ready for another baby right now-I dont wanna go into detail but..yeah, I asked what she'd do if it was positive and she said how she's just cry-she couldnt have an abortion but she really doesnt want another one...well not yet anyway.

I just wanted your opinion on the matter-she seems quite happy with the negative but Im worried she might have taken the test too early, she isnt-she said if she's having morning sickness then the hormones would be in her body so the test would have picked it up.
I just think the ''morning sickness'' she's been suffering from seems a bit odd,

Do you think she's pregnant?



  • Difficult to say for sure but I agree with you if she was the stage to be getting sickness then there would normally be enough hormone to show on a test (as long as she did it right!).

    It would be very early to be preg again and a gap that small would be hard for anyone but most ladies come round to it if it has happened.

    Fingers crossed for her she isn't- and hopefully she'll get some decent contraception sorted now!
  • Oh yeah, that was something I forgot to mention, she is on the pill-so that does reduce the chances but obviously its not 100%


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