how do i tell him i dont want s-e-x?

am 8 weeks pregnant on monday and have been feeling really very sick. worse than my first pregnancy. i've told my husband that I dont want to have sex as i feel over the top sick and exhausted but still he thinks is ok to ask. but i still feel sick and reallydont want to do it. please please help.



  • i know how you feel. I am almost 22 weeks now and i still don't want to do it! I don't feel sick now but i get really uncomfortable braxton hicks when we do, my stomach goes solid and it is quite sore. I have told my husband that i don't feel like it but he still moans that he still has needs blah blah!! You just have to try and explain that you just don't feel like it and its nothing to do with him, you just don't feel well enough at the moment. hopefully he will understand but i expect after a few days he might mention it again! Don't worry he isn't the only husband/bf of a pregnant women going without sex, lots of women don't feel like it for a while or even the whole 9 months it just depends. sorry i couldn't be more help.

  • I just tell him to bugger off unless he wants me to be sick all over him! Usually works! haha

  • Hiya
    I went through a faze of feeling like that, but lately i have been more interested again. I found that even when i was too tired, once my hubby got me in the mood i enjoyed it again lol
    Now i am feeling more in the mood for sex again and love being close to my hubby more than anything and hes enjoying me being interested again lol. It is getting more uncomfy ie-positions etc, but were working out ways of doing it easier lol
    Im sure it will pass lol

    Sharon x

  • I read about someone who had sex (on here) and then was bleeding red blood. They went to the hospital and everything was OK, it was nothing about the baby. But it did take the lady a while to come back and say all was ok. It put me off sex for a bit (and to be honest i've only done it once since reading that).

    Why dont you tell him you should feel less sick after the first trimester and its less risk of miscarriage after 12 weeks.

    I dont really think its that much of a risk to be honest and its only advised against if you have had bleeding or previous miscarriage so if you are going to please dont worry. (I'd hate to think i made someone worry).
    But it is something that some people think so your hubby might think thats fine. My best mate is now 18 weeks pregnant and she has only had sex once since she found out and her hubby is fine. Mine has been ok that i've only done it once in the last 3 weeks (altho i think he's gagging at the moment as he's been dropping hints all day)!! Sorry about the TMI!!
  • i too dont engage in sexual activity often! we just both feeel weird about it. as im getting bigger OH does feel little uncomfortable and i understand taht completly as i do as well. occasionally in the pregnancy the urge has been too strong to care! but most of time we both just no we dont want too ,thats just the way we feel.
    i guess it would be hard if two people feel differently. in the beginning nothing changed we had sex alot, but since around 2 mths this has cahnged and im fine with it.
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