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acne on my jawline and chin!! boo hoo im ugly!

Hi Ladies.

Hope you are all good and well and looking forward to a non-drinking christmas and new year!!! Im 18 weeks now and for some reason i seem to have bad acne on my jawline and chin!! im 22 and i thought that my spotty stage was over when i was 17!!! just wondering if anyone else has had this or if it is just me looking like a beast for christmas??!!!! (feeling so sorry for myself, as you can tell!!!)
would be good to hear from ya's

take care

K x x x x


  • Hi had quite a few spots a couple of weeks ago. GOne now thankfully. I'm like you and thought my acne was over. Must be all the hormones. I'm sure they aren't as bad as you think and no-one else will notice them. x
  • Hi Ya,
    I'm 17 weeks and i am breaking out in spots where i have never had them before. I am 20 and have never had spots apart from when i was 13 and even then they were only there for a short time.

    I use Avon skin care every night and the cleanser is good, tends to make them dissapear pretty quickly and keep my skin clear but then the next day il'e break out in one some where else.

    Some people glow during pregnancy, were obviously the ones who don't. It all be worth it in the end : )
  • me too, guess it's the hormones!
  • Don't worry girls! I had loads of spots at around 4 months too but they cleared up at around 22 weeks ish and now at 30 wks my skin is glowing (still get the odd one sometimes tho!) It's just your body adjusting to the hormones. Use concealer and foundation to try and cover them and hopefully you won't have them for long x
  • i had loads of spots appear til a few weeks ago, think its hormones those lovely things lol better now though, im 22, and im 19 wks pregnant, i just cleansed toned and moisterised most days (when remembered!!) just best to try not to pick really, nothin worse than being left with red blotches for months after!! i finally feel human again now instead of a wilderbeast lol dont worry, theyll soon clear up xx
  • I'm 17 weeks and in the last few days have developed spots on my chinny chin chin and I'm absolutely gutted!! I hope they clear up before Christmas. I never get spots (well hardly ever!!) and so now I'm really upset. To add insult to injury, my OH has just bought a brand new camera and of course wants to document our pregnancy but the last thing I want is a camera poking in my spotty face!!!!!!
  • Thanks for all your replies girls. got my work christmas meal today and have decided that i will just have to get the cement mixer out and cake on the foundation!!!
    How vain am I? i just dont want to look like a sloff!!!
    Will just eat myself silly to make up for it!!!!

    speak soon girlies!!

    K x x x x x
  • try using sudocream seemed to clear mine up quite well,its worth a try cant do any harm.X
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    It's best to contact your doctor or dermatologist regarding this. They will prescribe a gel that can stop the acne infection
  • i thought i was the only 1 going through this ive had rashy spots over cheeks and chin since i got pregnant nevet had it in others nearly 16 weeks feel ugly toi 😢
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