raincovers for car seats

the buggy we are getting comes with a raincover included in the price, i can see the need for one with our weather.

do you think that raincovers for the car seat are really necessary or just a waste of money?
anyone have one? would you recommend one?

karen 32+1


  • I had one for our maxi cosi car seat, but thats because we used it on the pram as well. If we were just going from house to car etc, I'd just throw my jacket or a shawl over dd so she didn't get wet.
  • Hi, I got a universal one from mothercare last time for about ??10, we used it loads (Feb baby), I'm hoping its still up the loft or i'll have to get a new one for this baby.

    h x
  • we never used one, was more hastle than anything, so we just used a blanket over it then took it off when we got to the car xxx
  • thanks ladies. i was thinking much the same. we would only be using it from house to car and car to house so would put blanket over of a few seconds. when seat is on the buggy then we would be using the full raincover anyway.

    might save my ??10 and buy some nice toys instead.
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