I have been quite good through pregnancy and although i was already on the large side before pregnancy, my diet was well balanced and i actually lost weight in the first months, (I did eat crap but not lots of it)

BUT NOW............

I can't stop eating!!! I am eating breakfast then an hour later I am eating is awful I am a human dustbin :roll:

I can't help it, my will power has just gone and I want food all the time!!
I already know I have a big baby and I am just now helping the growth eeeeeeeek image


  • A Babygrow belly, you must need it or your wouldnt be feeling unger. Try not to worry too much. I am also concerned about wat i am eating as dont want to gain too muc non baby weigt troug being a piggy! but i also recognise that i have become more addicted to cocolate than ever! am off to gym for gently excercise x
  • I was always hungry during the first trimester. An hour after brekkie I was craving food and my tummy was actually rumbling. I had a small baby though - 5lb 14oz at birth.

    you've obviously got a craving for sweet food. Try and see if you can eat other sweet things like fruit or flavoured rice cakes. Don't completely cut out the choccie (I would never suggest that!) but try to minimise it. Maybe buy the 70% choccie and just have a couple of squares a day as this is much better for you than the normal choccie.
    Good luck! xx
  • I am exactly the same, yesterday I had 2 bowles of cereal and a yoghurt, then OH made me a cooked breakfast, then I had a packet of chrisps, then we went to his gran's for sunday lunch, stopped off at macdonalds on the way home, then I had 2 scones with butter, then we had dinner, then I had 2 oranges, a yoghurt and another packet of crisps!

    I do try (sometimes) to have healthy snacks (like fruit, or yoghurt) but it doesn't always work out like that. I am such a pig! xxx

  • I am so glad its not just me!! I have been signed off work and I cant exercise so I just imagine myself moulding into the couch and not being able to get off it!!!
  • Well up until Saturday I was pretty much the same, I love my chocolate and food and saw pregnancy as an excuse to eat, I was sensible but never ate tooo much. Went to antenatal classes on Saturday and when it come to lunch time i watched this pregnant lady also due the same day as me eating a meat pie, chips and gravy, then she had a huge helping of apple cake and custard, a strawberry milkshake and chocolate bar. I couldn't help but feel pleased with myself for sitting there with a salad. It was like taking a look from the outside in. So we then went on our tour of the maternity ward, half way through she had terrible pains and was checked over. On our way to our car at the end of the day we saw her partner going back into the hospital with her notes. She had been admitted in with pre-eclampsia and dangerously high blood pressure.....she had also been in for the night on Wednesday and yet she sat there and ate all this food!
    So it was a lesson learnt for me and although I only have 8 weeks left till my due date I will be having my 5 a day! It helps that oh is a health freak! lol don't get me wrong I will still have my chocolate as i crave it but I wont be having a huge bag of M&M's rinsed down with a pint of coke anymore!
  • I have a thing for toast at the mo!!! But having said that i usually eat tons and since being pregnant i've gone down to 3 meals a day, and i have to force myself to have that! I just don't really feel hungry! I am craving sweets and chocolate but can only manage a little before i feel sick so not too worried about that! I eat lots of fruit and veg because i'm also craving juicy things, ie apples plums pears, cucumber etc so all in all my diet is healthier than when i'm not pregnant for sure!
    And Oit Tracey, pre eclampsia can affect anyone, i just said how healthily i eat and i'm on bed rest with it!!!! image And what do you mean no more m&m's, what about our movie and vegging night??? Please make an exception!
  • im greedy but only for cheese i love cheshire cheese no other cheese but cheshire! you may think im weird but thats just my craving at the moment!
  • me too!anything really especially cake like proper good yummy cake and scones oh and choc brownies and ice cream and cream eggs.i actually think my legs were rubbing together this morning.x
  • I can eat as much fruit and veg as I can eat crap so it's kind of balanced!
    I just want to eat ALL the time!! I have enough fat for the baby to live off for the next 8 weeks but I just can't help it!! I can't wait until I can get back to exercising.....i feel another chin growing as I type!

    Katie if I put on another 3 stone, I wont be able to fit through the door image
  • hehe sounds like me bgb im forever eating. ive put on just over 2 1/12 stone so far...hoping it will come off with the help of breastfeeding and a bit of exercise as im not really the will powered type, when i see chocolate i just HAVE to eat it lol xxx
  • I blame my mother....she always told me to finish my plate :lol:
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