bad cramps!!! what can it be???

hey guys, im 7 weeks now! but i keep getting cramps on the left side down there!!!!!

it really hurts! to make it worse, i walked alot yesterday and now i have a pulled muscle i think! what do i do!! its nothing serious is it???


  • I got really bad cramps on my right hand side at 6 weeks. My GP was quite dismissive and said it was a urinary tract infection and not to worry but I wasn't sure so I went to casualty. They did a scan and everything was fine - they said cramps on one side were quite common but if you're not happy get yourself to the docs!!
  • I had the same hun. Only on the one side and sometimes quite stabbing!
    I'm sure its everything just stretching and pulling making room.
    I too was so worried that I had a scan and everything was fine.
    If you're worried go straight to your EPU at the hospital, especially if you have any bleeding.
    I still get cramping now and the Doc at the hospital at about 15 weeks said to me (in a nice way) 'you can't expect pregnancy to be pain free'.
    I do know that, you just don't know what to expect do you?!
    You get told about the weeing, the morning sickness, the cravings etc but nobody ever mentions cramping or spotting do they? Which in most cases is perfectly normal too!
    I'm sure you're fine but get it checked out if it's really worrying you.
    Hope that helps.

    32+2. xx
  • Hi I had lots of cramps at 7 weeks, lots of period type pains too. I'm sure its nothing to worry about, probably just your uterus stretching but if your really worried talk to your midwife or gp. I still have cramps now at 26+1 though, they just feel like really strong period pains and then ease off again.
  • i'm 6 weeks and am getting loads of cramps especially when i get into bed at night. i am also getting a sharp pain in my right side which freaked me out! i saw the midwife on wednesday and she said its all totally normal, just things stretching. i feel fine about it all now-just wish someone would have told me about these pains being a normal part of pregnancy!!! xxx

  • hi im 8 weeks and i get all the same pains and have been really worried too butreading what everyone says really helps put your mind at rest thanks guys !!
  • Hi 7 weeks pregnant also experienced the cramping. Easing now though. Weird that they don't put it down along with morning sickness ect.. to put your mind at ease. Yesterday had light tea coloured discharge in morning and evening ( sorry if tmi) Is this normal or should I be worried? Help!
  • Hi hun...

    I had cramps for weeks and was told it was just everything stretching and moving. Even had a bleed at 9 weeks and baby was fine....
    Am 39 weeks today and in slow labour so I know it is sooo much easier to say don't worry but I'm sure everything will be fine.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
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